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  • Vet clinic helps make happy, healthy pets

    SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. -- Animal lovers know all too well the power of having a good vet who can help keep our pets happy and healthy.Thankfully, we have amazing doctors and technicians at Scott’s Veterinary Treatment Facility who do just that! While their primary job is to care for the Military

  • Ricky "Mr. G" Griebel, thank you!

    A young man left his home and newlywed wife in the year of ’73 to fulfill his duty of serving his country in the United States Navy. Over 1300 miles away from his hometown of Belleville, Illinois, he began his duty stationed at Key West, Florida as an aviation electrician who fixed “anything and

  • Follow these critical procedures to stay safe online

    During National Cyber Security Awareness Month, local, state, and federal agencies, along with schools, universities, and companies of all sizes, will take part to educate everyone and create a culture of awareness. Below are just a few tips to help stay protected:PASSWORD PROTECTION·         Don’t

  • Illinois, Missouri approach deadline for REAL ID compliance

    The current REAL ID extension for Missouri and Illinois expires at midnight Oct. 9, and this will have a major effect on contractors and visitors onto the base.If there are contractors who have passes that expire before then but will be on an authorized contract, their DBIDS cards need to be renewed

  • 375th SFS calls on Team Scott to prevent distracted driving

    With ever-increasing demands on our personal and professional time in today’s busy society, learning to juggle multiple tasks at once is something we all face on a daily basis.As a result, a new traffic safety epidemic has emerged on America’s roadways that demands immediate attention: distracted

  • Wing Q&A: Auto hobby paint booth, and Golf course restaurant changes

    AUTO HOBBY PAINT BOOTHI was told we cannot use the paint booth at the Auto Hobby shop due to failed air flow tests. Can we look into this to see what can be done to get it certified? It’s a great asset that few other bases have.Thank you for your inquiry into the operation of our paint booth. Indeed

  • Wing Q&A: Pharmacy wait time and Base cell service

    My doctor called in a prescription a few weeks ago, but when I recently went in to pick it up it took an hour to get filled. How can it take that long?Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention. The main pharmacy fills over 800 prescriptions daily, and while wait times fluctuate throughout

  • Wing Q&A: Action line, Fitness classes, and Base Yard Sale

    Are there any plans to do away with the action line? It seems most of the questions that come in each week could be answered at a more appropriate level or by a supervisor.I plan to keep the Action Line open for business because it’s been a great way to receive feedback as well as answer various

  • Wing Q&A: Cycling to work, Recycling, and Emissions

    BICYCLING & UNIFORMS I was wondering, is it acceptable for people who commute to work on base on a bicycle to remove their ABU top during their commute, primarily during the warmer summer months? Thank you for your question, but unfortunately, no. Per AFI 36-2903, paragraph 5.1.1. the Airman Battle

  • Wing Commander Q&A: Road Paint, Feedback Forms, and Vegetarian Options

    PERSONNEL ISSUESIn regards to feedback forms, is it required to submit them with annual reports?Thank you for your question! In accordance with AFI 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems, the “... midterm ACA is a required, mandatory supporting document to be routed with the performance