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  • Wing Commander Q&A: Fitness classes, Speeding, and Flex schedule request

    PERSONNEL ISSUESIs there a possibility of having a flex schedule at Scott the way Keesler use to have?Our mission in the 375th Air Mobility Wing does not lend itself to the compressed schedule. We have an active flying mission and the standard Air Force mission to organize, train, and equip in

  • Wing Commander Q&A: Hazardous duty pay, Base lake, Deer hunting permits

    Please keep the questions coming! PERSONNEL ISSUESWhy does the fire department receive hazardous duty pay but security forces does not?I believe you’re referring to Special Duty Assignment Pay, which EOD and some SFS personnel do receive. Air Force Instruction 36-3017, Assignment Incentive and

  • Wing Commander Q&A: MAF CCC, Dormitory Thermostats, Sonic Booms

    Please keep the questions coming! PERSONNEL ISSUESWhy does the Mobile Air Forces Cyber Coordination Center still work 12-hour shifts?The MAF Cyber Coordination Center, or MCCC, is a 24/7 operations center that coordinates and reports communications outages affecting the Department of Defense Rapid

  • Meet Sgt. Maj. Dana Mason, new SDDC command Sergeant major

    Sgt. Maj. Dana Mason is the new Military Surface Deployment and Distribution command sergeant major.SDDC provides global deployment and distribution capabilities to deliver national objectives. SDDC is the Army Service Component Command to the U.S. Transportation Command and is a major supporting

  • Meet Lt. Col. Jacob Thornburg, new 54th Airlift Squadron commander

    Lt. Col. Jacob M. Thornburg is the new 54th Airlift Squadron commander.The 54th Airlift Squadron partners with the 932d Airlift Wing as one of the first Air Mobility Command and Air Force Reserve Command active associate squadrons under the Total Force Integration model.The squadron flies four

  • Wing Commander Q&A: Course 15, Honor Guard, and Youth Sports

    PERSONNEL ISSUESThere’s a lot of repeat and unnecessary info in Course 14 and Course 15. Will we have a voice in cutting it down? Great question! Course 14 and 15 will be undergoing some significant changes and an Air Force-level team is working through those same concerns. If you identify specific

  • Wing Commander Q&A: EPRs, Dormitory thermostats, and the National Anthem

    Here is the next round of Q&As from my most recent Commander’s Call.I posted these responses and previous Q&A to our wing Sharepoint site and our public website,, for future access and review.Please keep the questions coming! PERSONNEL ISSUESWhy can’t civilian employees get the same

  • Wing Commander Q&A: Civilian PME, EPR TIS requirements, SIPR training

    PERSONNEL ISSUESHow do Civilians fit in Professional Military Education (PME) courses?Great question! The purpose of Professional Military Education and Civilian Developmental Education is to prepare them for greater leadership responsibility as they advance in their careers. The PME courses

  • The lost art of being human

    One night about 20 years ago I was standing on the couch in the living room of my college home, arms raised, looking down on about 100 of my closest friends jammed shoulder to shoulder, dancing to the very best 90’s music ever made. It was perhaps the greatest party we had ever thrown and needless