Before Arriving at Scott

Get your move on flyer

You should bring all necessary items, including paperwork and important documents, for duty with you in your carryon luggage. Your unaccompanied baggage will usually arrive 30 days after being shipped. If you have dependents, hand-carry some necessary basic living items with you.

For an advance postal address, forward one copy of your orders to and request a temporary post office address. This often prevents a delay in mail reaching you.

Temporary living quarters can be reserved by calling the lodging office at 256-1844/2045. You can also email your request to or fax your request to 256-6638. Contact your sponsor for assistance in reserving quarters.

If you experience an emergency while traveling to Scott, the Air Force Aid Society is available to assist you at the Airman and Family Readiness Center. If a situation arises between 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., call 256-8668; after duty hours, call 256-5891.

Keep records of all expenses incurred during your move. Your current outbound assignments unit should provide you with a checklist of tax tips for your PCS move.

More information on relocation and additional details for newcomers can be found HERE.

Traveling to Scott

Flying: People who fly commercially to Scott will arrive at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. It is about a 35 minute drive from the airport to the base.  Those without vehicles can travel to the base via MetroLink, which has two airport stops located near baggage claims; ask an airport employee for location assistance. It takes about 1 ¼  hours to arrive at the base.  For schedules, see  Once at the Shiloh-Scott Station, you should have your military identification ready for the entry control system. Follow all posted instructions and any instructions given by Security Forces.

Driving: If you are driving to Scott, there are several routes you can take to get to the base. The primary highway is Interstate 64. Take I-64 to Exit 19A (Scott AFB/ Route 158). Continue straight until you reach the second stoplight (Seibert Road) and turn left, continuing straight to the Shiloh Gate.

Base Access

The Shiloh and Belleville Gates are the main installation entry points. A current, valid military identification card is required. During normal operations, visitors accessing the installation with a sponsor who possess a DoD-approved credential do not require an AF Form 75, Visitor/Vehicle Pass. If the visit will last longer than 72 hours, an AF Form 75 is required. Should a Visitor's Pass be required, the visitor must have a valid photo ID and an authorized.


Can I pick up the pass for my visitors?

-No, visitors are required to pick up their pass in person with valid proof of ID.

 Can I leave my car parked in the DVC parking lot for an extended period?

- No.  The parking lot is reserved for customers actively being assisted at the DVC.  Vehicles left unattended for an extended period will be given a notice and will eventually be towed at owners expense.

Can I register for long-term parking?

-Yes, it is available for active duty personnel assigned to SAFB. Retirees and reservists, not on active duty, may be permitted on a case-by case, space available basis.  Please contact a DVC clerk for more info.

What if I need assistance when the DVC is closed?

- Proceed to or call the Shiloh Gate (main gate) with your inquiries.  The Shiloh Gate (main gate) is authorized to issue short-term passes up to 72 hours.

Can I use my Veteran’s Health Identification Card (VHIC) card to access the base?

-Yes, but you must first register into the DBIDS system at the DVC along with a driver’s license, and it has to state one of the following: service connected disability, Medal of Honor Recipient, Purple Heart Recipient, or former POW. The VHIC will only be scan able at SAFB only.


-              CAC Holders

-              Dependents

-              Retirees

-              DoD Civilians/Contractors w/Sponsorship Privileges

-              Privatized housing residents w/locally issued credentials



When putting in a pass, you will need to provide:

-              CAC or DOD issued ID Card

-              Phone number

-              Address

-              Visitor’s names

-              Destination

-              Requested start/end dates and times



-              Proof of ID (valid driver’s license, state IDs, passport, REAL ID-compliant identification etc.)

-              Social Security Number to be inputted in our biometric database

-              A picture will be taken and fingerprints will be scanned upon the issue of a pass

Note: Parent/legal guardians may provide school record/report card or original/certified copy of a birth certificate for persons under the age of 18 who do not possess a photo ID. Visitors must be sponsored by active duty military/retired personnel, dependents 16 years and older, and members of the National Guard and Military Reserve Forces.


1. In-person

Come in to the DVC and ask one of our clerks for assistance.

2. Telephonic Preannouncement

You must first register your phone number in person at the DVC to verify your identity. Ask the clerk if you can register your phone number.  You will need to provide:

-                                  On-base address (work address if you do not live on base)

-                                  Cell or home phone number (office/duty phones are strictly prohibited), up to 2 numbers.

-                                  Four to six digit pin.  This will be utilized to verify your identity (do not share this number)

Your phone number will suspend 1 Year after registration.  You will need to ask to renew your phone number. 

3. Digital Pre-announcement

- Use the SFACS link:

Note: You will need to use a CAC and a .mil computer to access the site. 


You can only sponsor 10 visitors without requiring a special events EAL. Examples of special events are weddings, retirements, graduations, golf tournaments, etc.

We require a 10 day notice for a special events EAL

Please contact a DVC clerk for assistance with a special events request template


Foreign visitor requests must be submitted to the DVC NLT than 5 duty days in advance of proposed visit

Sponsors must coordinate with their organization’s designated US representative and provide the following via the foreign visitor memorandum:

-                                  Full names of visitors

-                                  DOB

-                                  Passport number or foreign ID number and issuing country

-                                  Purpose/Justification of visit

-                                  Name and location of function/event

-                                  Start/end dates and times

Note: Please contact a DVC clerk for assistance with a foreign visitor request template.

Upon Arrival

The 24-hour arrival point at Scott is the lodging office, 618-256-2045, located at 460 W Winters St, Scott AFB, IL 62225. 

There is a courtesy phone located near the front desk which you can use to call your sponsor, unit, or use for other information.

Once you arrive on base, report to your unit the next duty day. Unit personnel will give you specific information for in-processing with the Military Personnel Section. Finance allows drop off of attempted vouchers on Monday’s, Wednesdays, and Fridays (excluding holidays and wing Family days) at 0900-1300 in Bldg P-10, across from the PAX terminal at the finance entrance. All forms along with in-processing video can be located at under Scott AFB PCS In-Processing.  Please bring all attempted forms, orders, and a copy of your receipts.

The DEERS office is also located in the MPS office. This is where you can start your family member dental coverage, get identification cards and enroll family members into DEERS. It isn't necessary to in-process prior to visiting the DEERS office. Be sure to bring your marriage certificate, birth certificate, adoption papers and other legal documents on your first visit just in case they're needed. You should also have your family members' Social Security cards with you. For more information contact the MPS office at 618-256-4112.

Base newcomers' orientation will be scheduled for all personnel during in-processing. Spouses are invited to attend. The orientation is approximately four hours long and
begins at 7:30 a.m. every Tuesday. Following the orientation, an optional bus tour of the local area is offered from noon to 4 p.m. For tour details, call the Airman and Family Readiness Center at 256-8668.  [conducted virtually during COVID-19 response efforts]

Mission Partner reporting instructions: All personnel assigned to units not in-processed via the 375th MPS should report to their unit orderly room, Commander's Support Staff, J1 (USTRANSCOM personnel), or administrative personnel section on their first duty day after arrival for in-processing procedures and checklists.

All newly arrived military members will be scheduled by their personnel section to attend the required Team Scott Newcomers Orientation at the Airman and Family Readiness Center. Inbound members should contact their respective units for additional information or reporting instructions. Phone numbers provided are commercial numbers; civilian area code is 618. DSN conversions are as follows: 256 = 576; 229 = 779; 220 = 770; 222-760.


--AF Personnel: 220-6080;

--Army Personnel: 220-6090;

--Navy/Marine Corps Personnel: 220-6090;

--Civilian Personnel: 220-7500

HQ AMC: 229-4250

18th AF (coordinate with 618 AOC for in-processing): 229-3021

618th Air Operations Center (TACC): 229-3021

SDDC: 220-5487/6223

932nd AW: 229-7528

126th ARW: 222-5708

635th Supply Chain Operations Wing: Please contact the 635 SCOW Organizational Management to aid in in-processing at (618) 256-6604


Base Information

Hardcopy guides/telephone books are available at Public Affairs, Bldg. 700 (next to DAPs and the Lemon Lot).


Dates for the newcomer's zoom

Are you new to Scott AFB and unsure what services are available to you? Sign up to attend the Airman & Family Readiness Center Virtual Newcomers Orientation every other Tuesday in November via Zoom Gov. Please visit – Appointment Plus – to register. Attendance is required for AD and new DOD Civilian Employees; spouses are encouraged to attend. For more information, please call 256-8668.


Military OneSource

Air Force Housing Information
4570 George Washington Drive
Scott AFB, IL 62225
618-744-9880 or

Scott Inn
1510 Beech Street
Scott AFB, IL 62225

Airman and Family Readiness Center

A&FRC Relocation Information 

Scott AFB Installation Voting Office
618-256-VOTE (8683)
404 West Martin Street, Bldg. 1650
Scott AFB, IL 62225 

Education and Training Office


375th MDG Newcomer's Handbook

375th MDG Patient Advocate: Shawn Saunders





For childcare options, please visit


For information on local schools and registration information, click here.

Lodging Facilities

Temporary Lodging Facilities

Temporary Lodging Facilities for incoming and outgoing military personnel and their families. Personnel who are in permanent change of station status, or house hunters on permissive temporary duty assignment, may make reservation requests with the lodging office as soon as an arrival date is known by calling 618-256-2045. Reservation requests are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis without regard to rank. Personnel who will PCS here or their sponsors may make the request for reservations. Military members must attempt to check into military lodging first. If rooms are unavailable, lodging will then issue a non-availability letter and reserve lodging off-base. 

A copy of PCS orders must be provided to the lodging office before or at the time of registration. House hunters must provide a copy of their permissive TDY orders or leave authorization as well as a copy of the PCS, retirement or separation orders at the time of registration.

The number of days personnel will be allowed to stay in a TLF is 30 days for incoming PCS personnel, seven days for outgoing PCS personnel and 10 days for house-hunting personnel, if space is available.

Transient Quarters:  Reservations for duty transient quarters are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and can be made as soon as the requirement is known.