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As aviators we all have the responsibility to be aware of potential conflicts and avoid them.

When you consider approximately 65% of all near mid-air collisions reported occur near airports; 15% on low-level training routes, and 10% in military operating areas, you can see that the "big sky" theory is not always the best approach in our saturated airspace. Consistently be mindful of where the threat is and how to scan for traffic conflicts.

Please take a minute to review the FAA Advisory Circular, the MACA information link. This will give you an in-depth look into our mission and tactics in the local flying area.

Finally, if you’ll be flying near us, we highly recommend to be on the lookout for military aircraft that transit Scott AFB. Our MACA pamphlet offers pictures of the aircraft stationed here as well as images of the areas where we routinely operate.

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375th AMW Safety:
(618) 256-6311
(618) 256-6312

Airfield Operations:
(618) 256-1620

For Weather Information, please call (618) 256-ATIS (2847)