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  • CBRN training during COVID operations help maintain battle readiness

    Chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attacks are some of the most hostile environments service members may be exposed to in a combat zone, and which is why training must continue despite COVID pandemic restrictions.
  • ‘Safety first’ protects Airmen, resources

    The efforts of the men and women of the 375th Air Mobility Wing’s Safety Office who are responsible for protecting Scotts personnel and resources.
  • Weather team supports air superiority

    Achieving air superiority is a critical condition for successful Air Force operations, and that’s why it relies on accurate weather forecasters like Senior Master Sgt. Michael Adcock. As the chief of the 375th Operations Support Squadron Weather Flight, he helps train and guide future Airmen for this important role.
  • Meet Chief Frizzell -- 375 AMW Command Chief

    “I was 22 years old and just working to work with no real future,” said Chief Master Sgt. Charles “Chuck” Frizzell, 375th Air Mobility Wing command chief. “My girlfriend said, ‘Chuck, I love you, but if you don’t do something with your life, then we are done.’ I was at the Air Force recruiter’s office the next day.”
  • 375th LRS overcomes COVID-19 challenges to move mission forward

    Movement is key for the mission, and although COVID-19 sets a challenge for the Airmen of the 375th Logistics Readiness Squadron, they are not letting that stop them.
  • Vandaments ‘adopt’ new way to grow their family

    As Catherine Vandament pulled into the school car-pool lane to drop her daughter for kindergarten, her phone buzzed. The text message read, “She’s in labor, can you get to the hospital?” In that moment, Catherine realized her second child was about to be born.
  • From suffering to success: A story about a first sergeant’s recovery from tragedy

    “She told me they were in the emergency room and that my daughter, Britny, had died,” said Master Sgt. Paul Montgomery, 375th Civil Engineer Squadron first sergeant.
  • Hawaii native Airman channels love of surfing into skateboard skills

    For Airman 1st Class and Hawaii native, Tiani Ray, surfing is a way for her to connect with nature, and was a way to build self-esteem while growing up. Now she’s thousands of miles away in the middle of the United States serving her country and finding that skateboarding has become the next best way to reconnect with her love of surfing.
  • Airmen build comradery through powerlifting

    Airmen like Airman 1st Class Samal Bautista, 435th Supply Chain Operations Squadron supply specialist, look to participate in competitions as a way to connect, so when he couldn’t find any being held close to the base, he decided to sponsor one with the help of the fitness center staff and volunteers.
  • Overcoming domestic violence: A story of resilience

    As a little boy, the Airman watched, terrified, as his father shoved his mother against a wall, screaming in her face. The angry shouts became muffled as he cupped his tiny hands around his ears in an attempt to escape the horror. But, for the longest time, he could not escape it.