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  • Airmen build comradery through powerlifting

    Airmen like Airman 1st Class Samal Bautista, 435th Supply Chain Operations Squadron supply specialist, look to participate in competitions as a way to connect, so when he couldn’t find any being held close to the base, he decided to sponsor one with the help of the fitness center staff and volunteers.
  • Overcoming domestic violence: A story of resilience

    As a little boy, the Airman watched, terrified, as his father shoved his mother against a wall, screaming in her face. The angry shouts became muffled as he cupped his tiny hands around his ears in an attempt to escape the horror. But, for the longest time, he could not escape it.
  • Phoenix Raven: Rising to the challenge

    As part of a school project, a young man put a message about who he wanted to be one day in a bottle for his older self; a promise to one day become a police officer and help the world any way he could. His path would eventually lead Senior Airman Vincent Kidd to become the 2,573rd graduate of one of the Air Forces toughest programs.
  • Students attend STEM camp at Scott

    The society of American Military Engineers hosted their annual STEM Camp in early July for 36 youths from all over the United States and even Guam.
  • Helping hearts from Scott give back to those in need

    For the last five months, Airmen from the 375th Logistics Readiness Squadron have been volunteering with the charity Helping Hearts Grow in St. Louis to provide food for the homeless. The group hands out food, water and hygiene kits for those in need. All of the donations are provided by the 375th LRS Airmen from their personal funds.
  • From Star Wars to Showcase Wing: Meet Col. J. Scot Heathman

    Ever since watching “Star Wars” at the age of 3, Col. J. Scot Heathman, who assumed command of the 375th Air Mobility Wing on June 25, said he had always wanted to fly.
  • Filipino Airman finds home, acceptance in Air Force family

    The beaches near Manila are where Benedicto would spend many weekends with his grandfather and other family members. He would often stare into the Pacific Ocean before him, unaware that one day he would end up on the other side of that ocean as a United States Air Force Airman.
  • Innovative design could save KC-10 aircrews valuable time

    Aircrew members on the KC-10 Extender could soon benefit from a new safe that will store weapons and classified documents right on the aircraft. A design initiated by the 60th Air Mobility Wing Phoenix Spark Lab at Travis Air Force Base has been in the works for some time and now has the attention of Air Mobility Command and The Boeing Company to address a potential fix that has long-plagued aircrews.
  • Family Advocacy helps Airmen with self-care

    “Wellness is important. We want to make sure you are well with yourself so you can be well with others. We work together. We have to take care of each other. We are one force.” This is what Mauranda Bembry shares as she teaches others about self-care. She is an intervention specialist with the 375th Medical Group’s Family Advocacy Program, whose primary mission is to help build positive family relationships and prevent family maltreatment.
  • Care in the Air

    Dangers are always present in today’s world. Whether it is a category 5 hurricane hitting the East Coast leveling everything in its path or an intense fire fight in the heartland of Afghanistan, every day could be someone’s last. However, there is a squadron always ready at a moment’s notice to do whatever it takes to bring someone.