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  • Serving with Pride

    Over the years, the United States Armed Forces has taken steps to make diversity and inclusion a reality for all ranks. Like many in the LGBTQ+ community, Col. Casey Guerrero has witnessed the progression from being totally banned to now being able to openly serve as part of the Department of

  • Finding Family: Three Airmen develop new bonds in the Air Force

    The ‘American Dream’ has brought thousands of people from all over the world to the United States in search of better opportunities.For three Airmen at Scott Air Force Base, immigrating to the United States and joining the Air Force has provided them the chance to better their lives and create

  • From SABC to TCCC, Team Scott is combat ready

    Combat readiness is an essential part of each base's mission and there are many factors that go into getting everyone ready for potential conflicts. An unfortunate inevitably of conflict is that Airmen may be in harm’s way and may become injured. To ensure Airmen are ready to treat life threatening

  • An Airman’s resilience story: Nothing to lose everything to gain

    Before joining the Air Force, Senior Airman Miranda Underwood survived an abusive childhood and was on her own and homeless by age 17.   With her wits and determination, she overcame her challenges and now at age 21 thrives as a pharmacy technician with the 375th Medical Group.  Her resilience and

  • Kaso's K-9 memorial: From strangers to family

    Military Working Dogs are obedient, loyal and attentive. Their whole life is spent following their handlers' lead, but what their handlers don’t realize is that their dog is teaching them at the same time. That was certainly the case with MWD Kaso Y305,who passed away Dec. 23, 2021, from

  • Airship Hangar and Mooring Mast Unveiling

    Mark Wilderman, 375th Air Mobility Wing historian, and Marc Hornkohl, American Model Builders project manager, unveiled models of iconic airship models including Scott Field's Airship Mooring Mast and the Army Air Service's TC-3 airship during an unveiling ceremony on Scott Air Force Base, Illinois,

  • Nightingale Dining Facility: Care in every Meal

    Being fit to fight has many critical elements. The food we eat is a key aspect. The care we show our bodies comes from exercise and the thought that goes into our diet.Through hard work and dedication to their craft, the Nightingale Dining Facility staff ensure the best quality food and care comes

  • 375th CSPTS: Programing to perfection

    Many have heard the adage, “Rome was not built in a day.” When thinking of the complexity of keeping such an entity together, one must think, “Rome was not sustained for a day.” These notions need to be true of all things built to last, and the same goes for sections and squadrons in the Air Force –

  • Starlifter: call us a rock band

    The connection between music and the United States military goes back to the founding of the nation. Historically, the beating of drums and the sounds of other instruments would be played as armies marched into battle. Although, the purpose of the connection has changed over years, military bands