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  • Scott AFB Blue and Whites: Where the D and M in DIME Intersect

    Serving in the military, it is often easy to forget that we are one small component of the instruments of national power.  Many of us have spent years of our lives providing combat power or aiding in its projection in the Middle East and other remote parts of the globe.  Sure, we read the joint

  • Alert, Direct, Report

    The Scott Air Force Base Command Post is an association between the 375th Air Mobility Wing and the 932nd Airlift Wing. The association makes the Command Post one of only a few Total Force Integration CPs in the Air Force where Active Duty and Reserve controllers work seamlessly as one team to

  • Our Common Purpose

    Why is it that every car moving slower than I want to drive is "holding up traffic," while any car driving faster than me is a "reckless maniac?"  When referees make a call going against a rival sports team, they are clearly making the right call, but when the call goes against my team they are

  • Media Literacy: How we protect our Airmen from themselves

    Oftentimes, when we think of defending military assets, we think of fences, secure badge-in facilities, and Security Forces Defenders at our gates. But often these aren’t enough to secure the Air Force’s most precious resource, its Airmen. In recent years, the Air Force has placed a much greater

  • Leadership is LOVE

    I draw much of my inspiration for my life from my faith and one of the key tenets of my belief system is that love is first and foremost the one thing we are called to do at all times. Love is my leadership philosophy and tempers my approach to every challenge, opportunity or interaction I have as

  • Why heritage matters

    Readiness. Partnerships. Heritage. These form the foundation of the 375th Civil Engineer Squadron. In a military unit, readiness seems like an obvious choice. Our ability to execute our mission—without fail—at home or deployed is our raison d'être. Equally understandable is the importance we place

  • Lessons in Risk Management

    If you are anything like me, when you hear the word ‘safety’, you likely have something that immediately comes to mind. When I was a child, being safe was following a ‘Walk, Don’t Run’ sign at the local pool. As I started driving, fastening my seat belt as I got into the car was my conscious

  • How to see the big picture at work

    Some Airmen have a good idea of how their job contributes to the mission. Others may struggle to see the impact their job is having to defend our nation. If you find yourself in the latter group sometimes, please know this struggle isn’t necessary. I believe it's possible for all Airmen to see how