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  • Appreciate Greatness

    So often old heads tell “back in the day” war stories about the Air Force of the past and how great it was, how today’s Air Force is “soft” or “weak” or too accommodating or cares too much. If we can drive a positive change the Air Force of today will be more capable than the Air Force of the past.  The Air Force of the past was a product of its time, a time long since passed.
  • Behind the viewfinder

    Wow! I get to write a story about what I do for Scott Air Force Base and the 375th Air Mobility Wing. Though my job can be challenging, Public Affairs provides some pretty rewarding experiences. Our Wing PA shop completes a multitude of tasks throughout the week that includes photo stories, video stories and alert photography. If there is a big event happening, chances are you will see a public affairs specialist alongside the action documenting the entire thing.
  • We, the people: Staying connected in a disconnected world

    Recent events highlight a great divide, a foundational fissure in our human connectedness, which, left untended, jeopardizes the very core of our service and our nation. The ideological chasm of our time permeates every topic creating camps of binary opposition that has the potential to erode good order and discipline and the very culture of our organizations.  Compounded by COVID-19 and a year of tribal isolationism, we are at a moment of historical inflection where leaders must invest in connectedness.
  • A Letter to my Daughters: Look Out and Within, Not Up

    Recently, I heard someone talking about Diversity and Inclusion, a topic I am extremely passionate about. This person made reference to looking up at the wall of leadership pictures and not seeing someone who looks like them.  They suggested that since nobody looks like them in the C-suite, that it sends the message that they can’t survive and are not welcome in a leadership position in their company. While I acknowledge that this phenomenon does exist and nearly drove me to leave the Air Force at one point myself, I have a different message for you.  My future Airman and Guardian: stop looking up.  Instead, look out and within.
  • Resilience tips for managing life’s transitions, integrations

    As military members, we are expected to deploy and possibly relocate in many different environments to ensure organizational objectives and mission requirements are met.  As such, we will most certainly be exposed to different cultures that could result in a positive, negative, or challenging experience.  So, how can we ensure a positive transition and integration experience when challenged with environmental and cultural paradigm shifts?
  • Professional Development:  Big rocks first

    There is a remarkably effective object lesson about sand, rocks and water representing all the things you need to do and how to make them fit into your “jar” of life, and knowing how it works can give you more time to do the things that matter most. Spoiler alert: The secret to this puzzle is to put in the big rocks first!
  • Filling the 'White Space'

    Quiet times of reflection are crucial to innovation and creativity. For me the best solutions, decisions, ideas, and connections develop when I am reflecting either by myself or with others, when I am taking time to listen with no agenda, when I am not in a rush to move on to the next event.
  • Resilience skills can help keep positive focus during turbulent times

    Resiliency is our ability to adapt and bounce back when things seem dark or don't go as planned and building resiliency is acquiring the tools necessary to handle whatever comes in our path. Resilient people don't dwell on headlines of doom and gloom and they don’t let influencers, media pundits, or politicians give them a false sense of reality. Resilient people acknowledge the situation, understand the context, learn from their mistakes, and move forward.
  • A different kind of home for the holidays

    While the U.S. still navigates the challenges brought on bought by COVID-19, 7,000 miles away in Djibouti, Africa, service members are finding new and creative ways to make our holidays special.
  • What do you meme?

    Have you ever thought about how you engage in meaningful dialogue with others and whether or not it’s effective? With social distancing, staggered office schedules, shift work, and the unfortunate necessity to limit face-to-face contact due to the pandemic, it’s important now more than ever to take a moment and ensure we’re communicating effectively throughout our organizations