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  • Sacrifices Made

    We all see it, we all know it, but we don’t always recognize it. What I am talking about is the great sacrifice our families make for our ability to serve. The importance of this sacrifice cannot be understated. The military life is unique in the fact that the whole family sacrifices for the member

  • Make the Time: Think, Connect, & Care

    SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. -- A couple of months ago I participated in a professional development course where the instructor posed an ice breaker question. He asked, “What’s a movie you can recite word-for-word?” The catch was you couldn’t duplicate anyone else’s response. My first answer was

  • Unplug to re-charge…you need it!

    All too often I see Airmen taking their laptops home with them over the weekend or while heading out the door on leave. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard phrases such as “I’m just on local leave, so call me if you need anything” or “I’ve got my phone/computer with me if anything comes

  • Appreciate Greatness

    So often old heads tell “back in the day” war stories about the Air Force of the past and how great it was, how today’s Air Force is “soft” or “weak” or too accommodating or cares too much. If we can drive a positive change the Air Force of today will be more capable than the Air Force of the past. 

  • Behind the viewfinder

    Wow! I get to write a story about what I do for Scott Air Force Base and the 375th Air Mobility Wing. Though my job can be challenging, Public Affairs provides some pretty rewarding experiences.Our Wing PA shop completes a multitude of tasks throughout the week that includes photo stories, video

  • We, the people: Staying connected in a disconnected world

    Recent events highlight a great divide, a foundational fissure in our human connectedness, which, left untended, jeopardizes the very core of our service and our nation. The ideological chasm of our time permeates every topic creating camps of binary opposition that has the potential to erode good

  • A Letter to my Daughters: Look Out and Within, Not Up

    Recently, I heard someone talking about Diversity and Inclusion, a topic I am extremely passionate about. This person made reference to looking up at the wall of leadership pictures and not seeing someone who looks like them.  They suggested that since nobody looks like them in the C-suite, that it

  • Resilience tips for managing life’s transitions, integrations

    As military members, we are expected to deploy and possibly relocate in many different environments to ensure organizational objectives and mission requirements are met.  As such, we will most certainly be exposed to different cultures that could result in a positive, negative, or challenging

  • Professional Development:  Big rocks first

    There is a remarkably effective object lesson about sand, rocks and water representing all the things you need to do and how to make them fit into your “jar” of life, and knowing how it works can give you more time to do the things that matter most. Spoiler alert: The secret to this puzzle is to put