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Area Defense Counsel

The Area Defense Counsel (ADC) is an experienced judge advocate who provides legal defense services to active duty Service members in Uniform Code of Military Justice proceedings and adverse administrative actions. 

Their counsel is confidential - Individuals who contact the ADC have confidentiality with the attorney, the defense paralegal and any other member of the defense team.

They are independent- ADCs work for a separate chain of command, reporting directly to Washington DC.  They do not work for any of the base commanders or the base staff judge advocate.  This separate chain of command ensures they are not pressured by any commander to do anything against your best interests.

Their counsel is free - Service members will not be charged any fees for legal advice.

Services Provided

The ADC's prime responsibility is to zealously and ethically represent clients during adverse military actions such as:


 - Courts-martial and Article 32 hearings

 - Article 15 actions

- LOCs, LOAs, and LORs

 - Administrative Discharge and Demotion actions

- UIF entries and control rosters

 - Denial of Reenlistment

 - Referral EPRs/OPRs

 - Suspect Rights Advisements

- Any other adverse actions in which counsel for an individual is required or authorized


The ADC is not able to assist in certain areas such as personal civil legal matters and congressional complaints.  However, if you have any questions regarding eligibility for our services, please call to make an appointment.


*** The Area Defense Counsel is available for Air Force members only.  Sister services have their own respective defense services and can contact the nearest servicing base for representation.


For Army members, contact Fort Leonard Wood at 573-596-0628 and DSN 581-0628


For Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard members, contact Great Lakes Naval Center at 847-688-4753 and DSN 792-4753


The Area Defense Counsel is located at 200 Heritage Drive, Bldg. P-7, Scott AFB. It is the small building on the corner across from the Parade Field and next to the Warmer Fitness Center.  Parking is available in parking lot located on the side of the building.

Article 31 Rights

If a member is suspected of an offense and/or read their Article 31 rights, they have the absolute right to remain silent and consult an attorney prior to making any statements.  Any statements made, oral or written, may be used as evidence against them in a trial by court-martial or in other judicial or administrative proceedings.  If a member chooses to exercise their right to counsel, it cannot be held against them and the ADC will be available to help.

Document Library

***Please note these are only informational handouts and do not substitute for personal legal advice. If you are facing administrative discharge, Article 15, or court martial procedures, please call for an appointment immediately.

Office Hours

ADC office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  If you would like to set up an appointment, please call 618-256-3246 or DSN 576-3246.  If you reach the voicemail, please leave a message and the ADC will get back with you within one duty day.  (If you do not leave a voicemail, we will be unable to return your call.) 

For emergencies after hours, the ADC can be reached through the command post at 618-256-581 or DSN 576-5891.