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There are many public and private schools in the local area serving federally connected children of Scott personnel. Children of sponsors who live on base attend Mascoutah District 19 schools. Both on and off base, your child's school will be determined by where you live.

There are many unique issues for federally connected students transitioning to new schools. To make an informed decision, choose a home within the boundaries of a school district that will support your child's academic and psychosocial emotional needs. Once you have secured a place to live, visit the home page of your school to find out starting dates, events, vacations and more. Be aware of two military-specific school code allowances:

1. If you live in temporary quarters and have proof that you will live in a particular school district within 60 days, your child may attend school in that school district without having to pay out-of-district tuition;

2. If you live off base and must move on base due to military orders, your child may continue to go to school in your original school district for the duration of those orders. For more information, contact the Scott School Liaison Officer, Cynthia Doil, at 256-9595.

For a list of local schools, including private and public elementary and highschools, CLICK HERE

Registration Info

In order to register your child in a school in Illinois you will need the following

- Proof of Residency (Most districts require two)
- Certified Birth Certificate
- Health Forms (Illinois Health Physical Form, Dental Exam Form, vision Exam Form and Immunizations)

For more detailed information on Registration click here

Helpful Hints

If you are looking for information about how schools "rate" in the local area, you need look no further than the Illinois State Board of Education Website and look for the Illinois State Report Cards. You'll find thorough information to include class sizes, the number of teachers, school finances, and the academic performance of the students such as scores on standardized tests, and other useful information.


How do I find out what school district a particular home is in?

If you plan to purchase a home in St Clair County, you can find out in which school district the property is located by going to the St Clair County Regional Office of Education website.

Where do our children go to school if we live on base?

Register at Scott Elementary School if you have children in grades K-5 students living on base. Register at Mascoutah Middle School if you have children in grades 6-8 living on base. Register at Mascoutah High School if you have children in grades 9-12 living on base.

For more FAQ's

PASS Meeting

Parent Advocates for Students and Schools (PASS) workshops are held monthly during the school year usually on the third Wednesday of each month in the large classroom in the Airman and Family Readiness Center (Bldg 1650 next to Burger King). Through the series of workshops, each of which can be attended independent of each other, parents learn how to be an even more effective advocate for children. Please put this meeting on your calendar and join us! The PASS Advisory Committee meets one hour before the start of each workshop. The advisory committee collaborates to determine the subject matter for the workshops offered each school year based on parent needs. Please join us and help identify parent needs. Direct any questions to