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Victims' Counsel




Scott's Victims' Counsel offers walk-in hours for legal consultations as part of their Interpersonal Violence (IPV) Victims' programs. Office hours are 1000-1100 on Wednesday and 1000-1200 on Thursdays.



  • What VCs do for sexual assault victims
    • Represents you and you alone
    • Provides confidential legal advice
    • Protects your rights and privacy interests
    • Protects your rights and privacy interests
    • Provides legal assistance
    • Attends interviews with you
    • Attends hearings and courts-martial with you
    • Advises you on the investigation and prosecution process
  • Who does the VC work for? You!
    • VC does not work for anyone on your base
    • Chain of command is an independent office in D.C.
  • How can you request an VC?
    • Contact your local SAPR, FAP or Legal Office
    • Contact one of the Central Circuit VCs


As part of a larger Air Force program to combat sexual assault, the JAG Corps has worked to find ways to support the goals of the Air Force in combating sexual assault. The purpose of the VC Program is to provide advice, provide advocacy, and empower victims through independent legal representation.


Remember, to file a restricted report, you must go to SAPR, anywhere in the MDG, a chaplain or a VC.