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  • Memorial Day, A Call to Remember

    For family and friends of service members killed in action, Memorial Day is a lifetime of heartache. It’s a constant whirring of what ifs.

  • Resilience For Life

    The pause is not enough and we all know ‘resiliency’ is more than a “one and done” event. I’d like to kick off an enduring effort here at Team Scott. Simply, I’m asking you all to take an active role in a campaign called “Resilience For Life” (#R4L).

  • Mission, Vision & Commander's sight picture

    This is an overivew of the new Mission & Vision, as well as the commander's priorities for the next couple of years. The changes are subtle, but were done deliberately and with care as to capture the areas that should remain at the forefront of the Showcase Wing.

  • Frontiers of Blue: This is 72!

    From the halls of the Air, Space & Cyber Conference in Maryland—the nation's largest annual Air Force gathering—Happy 72nd Birthday to our Air Force!

  • Your sphere of influence—how are you using it?

    As I reflect on the past two years in command, I want to share an important lesson and that is to control what you can control—your sphere of influence. The Air Force recently produced a video with its Chief of Staff, Gen. David Goldfein, called, “Because of You – Aviators.” If you haven’t seen it,

  • Understanding how “patient choice” affects timely response to care

    As our patient, you are entitled to speak up and take a leading role in your healthcare decision-making.  Our medical staff welcome your input. But one of the driving factors in our longer wait times is that many of our patients prefer to stay on this side of the river rather than heading into St.

  • Growing future Airmen with a variety of leadership styles

    I love going to Airmen Leadership School graduations.  There is an air of confidence and accomplishment from our graduates that permeates the room.  What I appreciate the most is how our ALS instructors turn young, motivated men and women into future leaders who will soon be in charge of our most

  • National Medal of Honor Day

    The nation celebrates March 25 as Medal of Honor Day, giving reflection to the men and women who have earned our nation’s highest medal for valor.

  • Moments of connectedness

    There’s so much that goes on at Scott Air Force Base, I’m not sure the rest of the world truly understands what our Scott Airmen do day-to-day. While people may have read about the ‘splashier’ news items from the past year such as innovation, mobility or mission successes, I want to share what I’ve

  • What to do with a setback

    It was a dreary day five years ago when I received a phone call at home from my squadron commander informing me that my name was not on the selection list for promotion to lieutenant colonel. Since this was my “In Promotion Zone” board, the significance of not being selected cannot be understated.