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Thank you, shipmates!

  • Published
  • Coast Guard Sector Upper Mississippi River

ST. LOUIS - To the hundreds – if not thousands of service men and women, civilians, retirees and dependents of Scott Air Force Base who established, supported and contributed to Operation Coast Watch during last month’s partial government shutdown, the Coast Guard family says “Thank you, shipmates!”

Thank you for 10,000 pounds of food and household goods and significant monetary donations directly supporting our members stationed in and around the St. Louis metro area.  Your generosity played a significant role in the Coast Guard Relief Drive held on Jan. 25, 2019 and a sustained food pantry maintained in the days that followed. 

During the 35-day partial government shutdown, while essential Coast Guard missions, including search and rescue and most port security, environmental response, marine safety and waterways activities continued as normal, service members and exempted civilians worked without pay. Additionally, retirees were prepared to go without pay during the month of January. Until a temporary reopening of the government was authorized, you made the difference. The Coast Guard Relief Drive provided essential groceries to over 300 active duty Coast Guard members, their spouses and dependents, civilian employees and retirees through this period of uncertainty.

“Even though there always seemed to be some level of confidence that members would receive back pay, the threat of multiple missed paychecks was very real for many of our members,” said Capt. Scott Stoermer, Coast Guard Sector Upper Mississippi River commander. He continued, “The genuine care and compassion shown by our Scott Air Force Base brothers and sisters was remarkably humbling. We are honored to serve with you.”

In sea-going services, the phrase “shipmate” is an expression of camaraderie and a respectful way to address one another, whether assigned ashore or at sea. Shipmates, thank you for including us among your family and community while we weathered circumstances not asked of uniformed service members since 1775. Your efforts will not be forgotten.