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Team Scott makes basketball history

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Madeline Baisey
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

Two lifelong athletes from Team Scott will make Air Force history as the first two players from the base to compete in the military-level “All-Star” basketball game on Sept. 16, 2023. The All-Star game is between the West and East teams of the continental United States, consisting of players from all military branches.

Senior Airman Elbert “Tre” Elliott, 432nd Supply Chain Operations Squadron main feedback technician, and Joshua Williams, 375th Force Support Squadron recreation assistant, are part of a 20-man Air Force and base-sponsored team, the “Kings”, and will be competing on the West All Stars team. The two teammates were selected as all-star players due to their impressive statistics during the seasonal playoffs and conference tournament. Williams, who is a first-time team captain, found his passion for the sport when he was young, being encouraged to try the sport by his family as a four-year-old. Elliott began playing in his hometown of Columbus, Georgia, where he competed in Middle and High school. From there, he was able to play at the collegiate level for Fort Valley State University before enlisting.

Williams explains the importance of companionship and teamwork on his hardworking team. His role as captain puts him in a position expectant of respect and the ability to foster relationships between his players and the sport.

“On the court, I'm pretty much like the sounding board for players that might have some frustrations,” explains Williams. “Making sure we're just staying together as a unit on the court, kind of being our balance of value.”

The Scott team is a relatively new team, as it was revived only two years ago from where it was on a hiatus. Elliott describes the team's ambitious practices, and how he has prepared himself mentally and physically for the world-scale tournament. When not participating in the team’s weekly practices and games against other bases, Elliott finds himself in the gym weight-lifting, or picking up extra shooting practices. Elliott is aware of his tough competition, and as a first all-star player, he knows he has to train beyond his normal routine to keep up. 

“I always have this mindset where I know there's always somebody else, and they are always working,” describes Elliott. “So I have to keep working and grinding, so I can be able to compete.” 

When asked what their favorite moment as teammates has been in their experience playing for Scott, Elliott and Williams both recounted a game during the playoffs in Wichita, where they were able to learn valuable lessons from a difficult and humbling game, winning at the last second in a movie-like moment.  

“When we went to Wichita for the playoffs, we didn't finish how we wanted to but it was a game in which we faced a lot of adversity,” said Williams. “We ended up pulling out on top with a winning layup from our point guard, but from beginning to end, we played a complete game. We got up, we got down, we kept course and ended up coming back and winning in the final seconds.”

One  aspect of their home team the players are grateful for is being able to play with less experienced players, teaching them the sport, and being able to share the progress and growth with each other.

Williams uses his role as captain to take on the responsibility of helping everybody play on the same level comfortably. “Some of [the players] have never played organized basketball before, so in this sense, I am like a referee. It’s a learning curve for some of them, but just reminding them that they're capable and that we all play a role is important.”

While both of them have nerves about the game, the excitement is palpable between them. Both wanting to impress their family and friends, as well as their future and current teammates, adds an exuberating amount of pressure on the men that they are ready to conquer.

Watch Elliott and Williams' hard work and dedication pay off as they represent Scott Air Force Base as players 8, Elliott, and 10, Williams, and cheer them on as they make history in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Sept. 16. The game will be streamed on Facebook at as well as on the Paramount veterans network.