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Meet the Deputy Commander: Col. Richard Kind

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Mark Sulaica
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

A devoted family man with a wife and two children, Col. Richard Kind serves as the 375th Air Mobility Wing deputy commander, bringing 22 years of knowledge and experience to the team.

He most recently served as deputy chief of staff, with Air Mobility Command Headquarters, and said his Air Force journey all started with a desire to serve.

"I grew up around the military, and all I wanted to do was fly,” said Kind. “ I remember, my dad was in fighter maintenance, and seeing those fighters in action was pretty amazing. I knew I wanted to become a pilot, and the best path to achieve that dream was by joining the Air Force."

Kind pursued his dream of being a pilot with the help of the military and pursued higher education at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, where he enrolled in the Air Force ROTC. After completing his four-year program, he transitioned into the Air Force, embarking on a career primarily focused on operating C-17 Globemaster III aircraft.

However, he has also experienced diverse assignments, including roles at U.S. Africa Command as a joint planner and an aide-de-camp, working as a cross-functional manager for air advising, and working expeditionary readiness at the Pentagon.

"I remain committed to the Air Force because of my genuine love for my job, flying and collaborating with Airmen to achieve our mission,” said Kind.

While previously stationed at McGuire Air Force Base, Kind and his wife, Jill, first crossed paths at a baseball game, introduced by mutual friends. Eventually leading to them getting married and having their two kids, Lillian and Anderson.

Throughout each assignment, the Kind family has provided a stable anchor in his Air Force journey. As a military family, they have faced constant changes in their lives due to frequent relocations.

Jill said they have moved every year since they got married and added that they’re looking forward to the chance to maintain some stability here at Scott. "This assignment will be our longest stay in one place since we met and got married.”

As a military family, they've adapted to the frequent relocations that often accompany military service.

“This is the lifestyle our children have grown accustomed to,” she added. “They enjoy it and they’ve grown fond of this house. This is going to be a good experience."

Kind shared the critical priorities that lie ahead for the 375th AMW, stating, "Our top priority is AFFORGEN (Air Force Force Generation). We need to ensure that we are fully ready as a lead wing, preparing our Airmen and their families for these deployments, given that we now have a clearer understanding of when they will occur."

Additionally, Kind is working hand-in-hand with leaders across the wing to ensure that all units are playing from the same sheet of music so that all resources and manpower are synchronized.

“I'm working with the Wing Commander to develop a strategy for the 375th AMW, ensuring that everything we're doing aligns with the 18th Air Force's and AMC's strategies as we move forward. Since we have limited manpower and resources, we need to prioritize our actions. How do we decide what to pursue and what to forgo? It is necessary to have a strategy.”

Looking to the future, Kind said, "I'm excited about the journey ahead and the opportunity to forge strong connections with the exceptional Airmen of Team Scott as we navigate the challenges and successes that lie ahead, together.”