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Wing Commander Q&A: MAF CCC, Dormitory Thermostats, Sonic Booms

  • Published
  • By Col. John Howard
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing commander

Please keep the questions coming!



Why does the Mobile Air Forces Cyber Coordination Center still work 12-hour shifts?

The MAF Cyber Coordination Center, or MCCC, is a 24/7 operations center that coordinates and reports communications outages affecting the Department of Defense Rapid Global Mobility mission anywhere in the world. The MCCC began working 12 hour shifts in December when manning could no longer support three fully staffed 8-hour shifts. Unfortunately, our manning has not improved to a level that allows us to come off the 12-hour shift. We understand the impact this has on personnel and families, and we will continue to look for innovative solutions to our staffing shortfalls until we are properly manned.



Why are dormitory thermostats set at 74 degrees?

Good question. Dorm thermostats are set to a consistent temperature in order to conserve energy and reduce wear on HVAC equipment. If you are experiencing difficulties with the temperature in the dorms, please contact your dorm manager for further assistance.

Can we get Wi-Fi in the base theater?

Thank you for your question. We have looked into the cost of providing WiFi into our base theater several times. Unfortunately, the costs don’t support the expenditure required to install WiFi in the Library Auditorium (formerly the Base Theater). We will continue to look into this option as we know the convenience this would provide to our customers.



Why do I have to change my passcode for my voicemail every three months?

Voicemail password changes every 90 days are part of our Cybersecurity 365 initiative to ensure security controls are in place to protect voice mail services from unauthorized users. The Communications Group oversees this Defense Information Systems Agency mandate to ensure the safety of all Airman, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines. We understand the inconvenience with changing passcodes, however, we must continue to comply with our Higher Headquarters’ regulations in order maintain safe and effective communications systems.


This summer an excessive number of sonic booms have occurred in our area. I live near Monroe City, Mo. Is there anything that can be done to minimize this?

Thank you for the question. At Scott AFB, we do not have aircraft assigned that have supersonic capability, but there are Military Operating Areas in this general area which are used for military flight training activities and used by other military organizations. Typically, airspace procedures mitigate the impact supersonic aircraft could have on the ground by limiting them to specific altitudes, direction of travel, etc. The environmental impact of these training areas is frequently evaluated, but the Federal Aviation Administration has an online resource where citizens can register concerns ( ). Since the FAA often has a wider purview of flight operations in the region, this method may actually provide the quickest and most efficient path for success. I’ll ask for your continued support for required military training for our combat aircraft and the crews flying them to maintain critical skills that keep our nation’s defenses ready.