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Wing Q&A: Cycling to work, Recycling, and Emissions

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I was wondering, is it acceptable for people who commute to work on base on a bicycle to remove their ABU top during their commute, primarily during the warmer summer months?


Thank you for your question, but unfortunately, no. Per AFI 36-2903, paragraph 5.1.1. the Airman Battle Uniform top may be removed in the “immediate” work area as determine appropriate by local leadership. If you’re outside and not in a work detail (i.e., your immediate work area for that day) you are required to wear your ABU top. 




I greatly appreciate the base having a recycling center. However, it seems that with the two bins provided, they are at max capacity. Can we expect more pickups or bins to help this situation?


Thank you for the question.


In accordance with the Integrated Solid Waste Management contract which governs both refuse and recycling collection on Scott Air Force Base (not including Hunt Family Housing), the contractor is responsible for collecting recyclable material base-wide that is generated through normal daily operations on the installation. 


We have worked closely with the contractor since they started contract operations in October 2016, and they have been very flexible and proactive to meet the needs of the installation. We will continue to monitor the situation and work with the contractor and installation personnel to provide a valued service.




Why is it mandatory for emissions testing for any vehicles coming on base, but not required for my vehicle off base? Is there any compensation for time or emission testing cost? It seems like if it is mandatory for all the vehicles coming on base, the installation could equip the Auto-Hobby Shop to become an official inspection station to accommodate these needs. Also, what about all the GOV and GSA vehicles—will these also be required?


Emissions testing of personally-owned vehicles on Federal installations is a requirement of the Clean Air Act (Section 118(d)). This Federal law requires POVs driven on base by Federal employees more than 60 days per year to comply with local emissions testing regulations regardless of the state in which the vehicle is registered. Since Scott AFB is located in an area where the state of Illinois requires an emissions check, our personnel are required to meet that same requirement. Even if you live in an area that does not have emissions compliance requirements, you are required to meet the emissions testing requirements because you work in a location that does have the requirement. 


At this time, there is no program for reimbursement of expenses incurred to individuals because of this by-law requirement. The 375th Force Support Squadron and AAFES have both evaluated the feasibility of installing a state-certified emissions testing location on base, but at this time doing so is cost-prohibitive. 


Emissions testing compliance is also required by the same law for all GOV and GSA vehicles on the installation. Compliance with this requirement is managed separately from the ECARS system, and procedures for completing required testing have been in place for some time.