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Wing Q&A: Action line, Fitness classes, and Base Yard Sale

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Are there any plans to do away with the action line? It seems most of the questions that come in each week could be answered at a more appropriate level or by a supervisor.

I plan to keep the Action Line open for business because it’s been a great way to receive feedback as well as answer various questions. While it may be true that some questions could be answered by a front line supervisor or first sergeant, I want to make sure that any Airman, civilian or family member feels they have a direct route to notify me of any issues or concerns, along with ideas or positive feedback, too.

In addition to the formal action line program, which is actually mandated by an Air Force Instruction, my social media platforms have become another way to directly engage with community members and Airmen from all over! Feel free to call, email, tweet or post to my page anytime. You can connect with me through, which has all the links to these platforms.



Why are the fitness classes, the new ones specifically, being offered at off times? Can they be adjusted to accommodate the vast majority that work from approximately 7 a.m.-4 p.m.?

Thank you for your feedback regarding your concerns with our group exercise classes. We offer a variety of classes at different times during the week to try and accommodate our guests to the best of our ability. For example, we just started to offer spin from 5:30-6:30 a.m. Monday-Wednesday-Friday. They key point here though is that all of our instructors are volunteers and we work within their availability to offer and schedule classes. If our patrons cannot attend the 20 classes offered throughout the week, another option is the WELLBEATS kiosk self-workout center located in the Fitness Center aerobics room. This offers a variety of workouts that are led by an instructor via screen. Our 24-hour access Fitness Center allows authorized patrons to work out at a time that fits their schedule. Please feel free to contact our fitness staff at 256-1218 if you have any questions.





Why is the Base Yard Sale always the third Saturday of the month? That is also the same day as the Belleville Flea Market at the Belle-Clair Fairgrounds. Both events draw the same customers. I feel the Base Yard Sale would have a lot more customers if they did it on a different Saturday.

The Outdoor Recreation Base Wide Yard Sale program has gone through many date changes over the years trying to find a good date for the event. The third Saturday of each month was chosen as the default date and has worked well for the last several years. With the increase of consolidated and individual yard sales and even the virtual yard sales on social media, we continue to receive numerous requests to offer or provide this opportunity. Outdoor Recreation will look into alternate dates for the yard sale for next season and future events as we attempt to continue to provide opportunities for the Scott community to participate in a local event. Thank you for your interest in this program.