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Wing Q&A: Pharmacy wait time and Base cell service

  • Published

My doctor called in a prescription a few weeks ago, but when I recently went in to pick it up it took an hour to get filled. How can it take that long?

Thank you for bringing this concern to our attention. The main pharmacy fills over 800 prescriptions daily, and while wait times fluctuate throughout the day, prescription accuracy and your safety are our top priorities. Overall, pharmacy wait times average 22 minutes and can extend to over an hour during peak times. Per standard protocol, if electronic prescriptions are not picked up within 14 days of activation it will be returned to stock (Medical Group Instruction 44-119). In your particular case, we discovered an error in communication had occurred between two computer systems which caused your prescription to fail to transmit for processing. We are exploring solutions and have incorporated staff training to try to minimize re-occurrences of this error. If your wait time exceeds our stated estimate, we encourage you to check with a staff member on the status of your prescription. We also added a sign in our lobby advising our patients of this procedure.



Is there any plan to partner with cell phone companies to improve cell phone service on base? Regardless of the cell provider, it seems that signal strength/speed are subpar.

Research efforts are underway to explore different options to achieve better cell reception through a third party provider willing to invest in the equipment and negotiate joint-use terms with major cell service providers. A formal request for interest was publicized this past May and resulted in limited response. Informal discussions are ongoing with industry to determine the best solution, terms of service, and contractual relationship to make this a reality. However, a timeline to reach agreement and subsequent installation is not available at this time.