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Wing Commander Q&A: Road Paint, Feedback Forms, and Vegetarian Options

  • Published
  • By Col. John Howard
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing Commander


In regards to feedback forms, is it required to submit them with annual reports?

Thank you for your question! In accordance with AFI 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems, the “... midterm ACA is a required, mandatory supporting document to be routed with the performance evaluation ...” In addition to being required, the AFI further outlines specific personnel in the rating chain who are allowed to review the ACA (complete AFI available at



When can we expect improvements to the gyms on base?

Good question and one we spend considerable efforts to solve. We have made and continue to make multiple significant improvements to both fitness facilities. We recently completed a major renovation of the P-6 Fitness Center and just last week, we finished another renovation of our family fitness area in the James Gym. If you have any specific requests, please contact one of our fitness staff professionals.


It seems like six months ago, all the lines were repainted, but they're already fading. Why do we use that paint?

We use standard pavement marking paint consistent with industry standards. Unfortunately, all paint wears over time and requires regular maintenance and replacement. We appreciate your patience as we continue to keep our base “showcase.”


Can we get bike lanes for bicyclists who like hogging the road?

Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the spacing required to install bike lanes across the installation. We do encourage everyone to “share the road” and be alert for bicyclists, joggers, and the many pedestrians moving across the installation every day.


I know that a lot of people have asked about more food variety and usually the response is very positive on plans to expand. With that said, are there any plans to bring on base more vegan or vegetarian options? Or are there options already?

Our FSS facilities have a wide-range of vegan/vegetarian options. Zeppelins offers multiple salads, veggie wrap and hummus/vegetable options. Common Grounds (formerly Student Union Café) also has salads. The Cardinal Creek Golf Course just recently updated its menu to include a variety of salads, chipotle black been veggie burger, grilled cheese sandwich, fish sandwich, and a season veggie based soup. The Bowling Center also has a variety of salads, veggie burger, and soups. Lastly, the Nightingale Dining Facility offers a wide-range of vegan/vegetarian options.

The facility is under construction and has limited the menu to the core requirements; however, if you coordinate with the shift leader or Bob Jones, DFAC manager, they can add/change items to the menu. Next year, our installation will be transitioning into the Food Transformation Initiative. This program will allow meal card holders access to all FSS food and beverage activities and open the doors to our DFAC to customers that may not have the opportunity to dine under current policies.