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  • Team Scott remembers Gen. Daniel ‘Chappie’ James

    Editor’s note: In honor of African American Heritage Month, Team Scott pays tribute to legends with ties to Scott AFB.Gen. Daniel “Chappie” James, Jr., made history in 1975 when he received his fourth star, making him the first African-American general not only in the Air Force, but also across all branches of U.S. military.Born in Pensacola, Fla.,
  • Scott celebrates African American History Month

    January began the kick-off of Team Scott’s centennial celebration and in February we continue this celebration with African American History Month.The African American Heritage Committee will continue our centennial celebration by highlighting the rich African American heritage embedded in the nation’s history.The national theme for the month is
  • Airman’s invention for safer hitch bar could affect entire trucking industry

    There’s an innovative idea from a Scott Air Force Base Airman that could affect the entire trucking industry.The “Meyer’s Bar,” nicknamed after its inventor, Staff Sgt. Joshua Meyer, is a 5-foot reinforced steel bar that has been constructed to support a lowboy trailer’s hydraulic gooseneck hitch to prevent it from bending. Before Meyer’s
  • Scott’s history has family connections

    Editor’s note: Below is an excerpt from the Jan. 6 Centennial Kickoff program.By Lt. Col. Matthew GettyMaster of Ceremony for the Centennial KickoffScott Air Force Base has an incredible story of innovation, communication and excellence. It started as a pilot training base during World War I, transitioning to a lighter-than-air station and then as
  • Military, community leaders send congratulatory messages

    Gen. Dave GoldfeinAir Force Chief of Staff“Scott Airmen, Community Partners, Families and Friends: 229 years ago, our founding fathers signed their names to the United States Constitution. And for the past century, Scott Airmen signed their names to history—supporting and defending our Nation’s most fundamental principles.Today, you serve in the
  • This is the season to reach out to others

    We are in a season of preparation as we approach the end of year holidays. Units are having holiday parties, families are hanging lights, individuals are decorating their offices, and everyone is making a list. In the midst of all the busyness, joy abounds. Anticipation is brewing. Children are fixated on their countdowns and asking “Mommy and
  • AFRC/AMC Partnership: Two commands have a long history of successful associations

    Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of stories on the close working relationship Air Force Reserve Command and Air Mobility Command have enjoyed since 1968. Future stories will focus on current successful AFRC/AMC partnerships and how the commands are planning to maintain and expand their relationship into the future. On April 6, 1968,
  • Scott’s Guardians: 835th COS

    It’s been one year since the activation of the 835th Cyberspace Operations Squadron on Scott AFB. It has been a busy year for these Airmen standing up a new unit, so much so that referring to them as newbies, junior varsity, or rookies would be selling short this team of all stars.The Guardians, as they are known in the cyber community, maintain
  • The goal collector: Thomas triumphs one mile at a time

    For 25-year-old 1st Lt. Lauryn Thomas, running is more than just a hobby. She has trained very hard, and with the help and support of a running group at Scott Air Force Base, “The Road Warriors,” she ran the 2015 Chicago Marathon in 3:28, qualifying her for the Boston Marathon—a life-long goal.She will travel to Boston next April to compete in the
  • Fitness specialist overcomes bullying, health crisis to become an elite racer

    At the time Nicole Wilcox tightened her shoelaces for her 13th marathon of the year, she had already run the distance of the West Coast and qualified for the Boston Marathon twice. Each step added to 1,400 miles of pavement she ran in 2016, but it also took her deeper into a life-long journey to find the unconditional self-acceptance that she’d