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  • Fitness specialist overcomes bullying, health crisis to become an elite racer

    At the time Nicole Wilcox tightened her shoelaces for her 13th marathon of the year, she had already run the distance of the West Coast and qualified for the Boston Marathon twice. Each step added to 1,400 miles of pavement she ran in 2016, but it also took her deeper into a life-long journey to find the unconditional self-acceptance that she’d
  • Love knows no distance, love has no bounds

    Not only is Staff Sgt. Alicia Drummond an Airman but she is also a mother to her 2-year-old daughter Raelynn Durham.Military families face the challenge of preparing for the unknown. Due to deployments, Raelynn has spent her first two years of life loving her father, Staff Sgt. Deron Durham, through Skype.Following the deployment, Durham completed
  • A family who travels together and serves together stays together

    Ret. Air Force Master Sgt. Almont Shortsleeves, who currently works at the 618th Air Operations Center, is the father of Master Sgt. Michael Shortsleeves, Cyberspace Support Squadron.Together, they have experienced one of the greatest benefits to the military life: traveling. “It’s enabled my family and I to learn about other countries’ cultures
  • Pulling double duty in the Hughes household

    Master Sgt. Cortny Hughes describes her family as, “fun, devoted, diverse, open, and caring.” Those descriptions are also the glue that helps make her joint-spouse family stick together. Her husband, Master Sgt. Donald Hughes, works at Air Mobility Command while she works at the 15th Operational Weather Squadron. Together, they have endured
  • Strength comes from both sides

    For Staff Sgt. Shalon Sabo, her family is strong, in part, due to the support from her civilian husband, John. “I am proud of my husband,” said Sabo.“With basic military training and tech school, I was gone for nine months straight. He held down the fort back home and does the same when I am on evening and night shifts.”Holding down the fort often
  • A sibling rivalry that brings a family closer

    Sherri and Joe Savino knew that their son Vincent toyed with the idea of joining the military. They didn’t, however, expect that their daughter Lisa was considering on joining, too.Even more unexpected was that they broke the news to their parents on the same day within four hours, and neither sibling knew of the other’s plans. “They must have
  • Following in his father’s footsteps

    Lt. Col. Eric Trias is known on Scott Air Force Base as the commander of the Cyberspace Support Squadron. He was born out of a family that has a history of military service. Initially, he joined as an enlisted member, but he was soon selected for the Airman’s Education and Commissioning Program. For him, he wanted to become an officer in order to
  • The effects of secondhand smoke

    It’s thought by a vast majority of people that secondhand smoke doesn’t have the same effect as it would on someone who is smoking themselves.However, that’s not true. Secondhand smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, hundreds of which are toxins and over 50 are carcinogens.Secondhand smoke doesn’t have a risk-free level; it affects all those that
  • Air Force elite runner Payne finishes 9th in NYC Marathon

    Instead of sleeping in, cooking up a big breakfast and watching some football, Maj. Ben Payne from the 200th Airlift Squadron laced up his running shoes and prepared to run the best race of his life in the New York City Marathon on Nov. 6. Payne, who is currently training on Scott Air Force Base with the 458th Airlift Squadron, made time for the
  • Scott’s Dental Residency Program sculpts Air Force’s dental experts

    Scott Air Force Base is home to one of 11 Advanced Education in General Dentistry Programs across the Air Force responsible for training residents in advanced treatment concepts to become supreme dental health officers and masters of expediting dental care for deploying members and medical beneficiaries.Since 1961, the one-year program has prepared