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  • Fridrich retires after 55-year career

    After 55 years of service, Edward “Fred” Fridrich of the 375th Logistics Readiness Squadron bid farewell to the Air Force and entered retirement June 1.All of his 55 years of service, both on active duty and as a civil servant, have been in the management of supply operations for the Air Force.Fridrich was born in Portland, and he grew up moving to
  • How Howell v. Howell affects military retired pay in divorce decrees

    In a rare 8-0 decision, the Supreme Court recently overturned a ruling by the highest court of Arizona regarding the division of military retirement pay under a divorce decree. Howell v. Howell, decided May 15, held that any waived portion of military retirement pay cannot be treated as divisible community property in the case of divorce (197 L.
  • Retired staff sergeant recalls memories of Scott AFB

    In 2017, Scott Air Force Base is celebrating its 100th birthday as an instillation, and with the history that comes with a century of service, a history comes with its people as well.Retired Army Staff Sgt. Frank Austin, who has been associated with the base since the 1950s, has many memories of Scott over his years with the base.Austin first came
  • Bunch honored for 50 years of service

    Not only does 2017 mark 70 years for the Air Force and the Centennial birthday of Scott Air Force Base, but it also represents 50 years of dedicated service by Scott’s Karen Bunch.Bunch was recently honored for her many years with the Air Force during a Cyberspace Support Squadron Wingman Day luncheon.Bunch, CYSS mission readiness training manager,
  • Mobility Airlift Command leads unprecedented aerial evacuation

    Part of Air Mobility Command’s mission is to support humanitarian efforts around the world.Military Airlift Command led the largest aerial evacuation in history in the waning days of American involvement in Vietnam. From April 6 to May 6, 1975, MAC used their in-theater resupply assets of C-5As and C-141s to evacuate thousands of orphans from
  • Take these critical measures to assist with preventing suicide

    Suicide awareness is a term some may feel has been over emphasized in recent times; however, the rate of suicide has increased over the past 11 years in the United States.On average someone takes their own life every 12 minutes in the United States, and an average of 20 veterans commit suicide daily. Suicide is a dilemma for both the civilian and
  • Kealoha boasts long, distinguished Air Force career; Chinese radio operators play key role during WWII

    Brig. Gen. Dwight M. Kealoha grew up in Hawaii and graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1966.After pilot and survival training in the Air Force, he deployed twice to Southeast Asia between 1968 and 1970.Kealoha began flying combat missions during the Vietnam War—more than 300 in total. For those achievements he received two Distinguished
  • Scott weather forecasters impact lives of Woodlawn Middle School students

    It was a cloudy Friday in March, the cool damp air outside lingered from the last remnants of winter as spring steadily made its welcome return to the Midwest.While most other middle school classes were eyeballing the wall-mounted clock, watching it tick slowly to the weekend, the middle school students of Woodlawn, Ill., were busy touring the
  • Scott History: 2010 & Beyond

    Scott Air Force Base added and renovated multiple buildings to help improve work conditions and the Quality of Life on base, starting in 2010. In 2016 alone, Scott significantly renovated the Fitness Center, which included new equipment, new flooring, new paint, roof repair, and installed of free WiFi. The James Sports Center installed three
  • Scott History: 2000s

    Through the U.S. Transportation Command and the Air Mobility Command, Scott AFB became a vital part of the Global War on Terrorism. In response to the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001, Scott AFB deployed 12 flight crews assigned to six C-9 Nightingale aircraft to Andrews AFB, Va., along with 25 physicians, intensive care nurses and CPR