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  • Couple develops resiliency skills to deal with incurable medical condition

    This article is part of a feature series on how military members and their families apply skills learned in base resilience course by Airman 1st Class Jacob Eckhardt.When 22-year-old Senior Airman Paula Coleman found out she had an incurable hormone disease, she said she thought it was the end of the world.The symptoms she had been experiencing
  • Answering the bark

    Tens of millions of stray animals roam without a home in the U.S. A stray animal who crosses paths with Air Mobility Command's Army Lt. Col. Christopher Carrier and his family; however, should consider themselves lucky, because if found by the Carrier family, they would no longer be a stray. The Carriers have rescued more than 200 dogs, cats and
  • PA officer represents Scott at Icon

    The Air Mobility Command  will hosts its annual singing competition, AMC Icon Oct. 25 and representing Scott AFB is 1st Lt. Nicole White, who works for AMC Public Affairs. As the daughter of a retired master sergeant, she began singing at age 5 with her family as they sang in the church choir on Minot Air Force Base, N.D. "Singing always allowed me
  • Airman steps up to be the ultimate Wingman

    A Scott Airman who noticed the suicidal signs of a friend reported the problem and helped save his friend's life.Airman 1st Class Albert Chang, 375th Comptroller Squadron, not only got his friend and fellow servicemember the help he needed, but also served as a Wingman to actively be involved with his friend's life when he started noticing his
  • Through Airmen's Eyes: Airman, coalition team ensure health, hygiene of contractors

    Some people have dirty jobs. But one Airman and her coalition team ensure that the workers' living conditions on Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, are held to the highest health and environmental standards.The airfield is home to nearly 30,000 U.S. and coalition forces, government employees and contractors who live and work in multiple camps within
  • Scott members embrace “Read Out Loud” initiative

    Members stationed at Scott Air Force Base have taken the "Read Out Loud" initiative into their own hands this year, as they embark on the second year of reading books to a local elementary school.According to the principal Nathan Rakers, Whiteside Elementary always has the second, third and fourth graders read silently in the auditorium before
  • Master of the “man-cave”

    This article is part of a feature series on military members and their families unique hobbies by Staff Sgt. Stephenie WadeIf you ask, most men will tell you that their man-cave is their sanctuary. The "man-cave" is mostly a place to hang out with friends or simply "be boys." The term man-cave has a different meaning for this Staff Sergeant. SSgt
  • A&FRC staffer makes custom purses to benefit veterans

    This article is part of a feature series on military members and their families unique hobbies by Staff Sgt. Stephenie WadePeggy Beauvais walked through the Base Exchange last year while all the vendors were getting ready to setup their stands for Christmas, when she had a great idea."Why don't I make purses out of old military uniforms and donate
  • 20-year-old bowls second perfect 300 score

    To some, 300 may just be a number, but to a select few of bowling elite, it's a goal. They push themselves day after day to fill 10 boxes with an "X" instead of a number.For one person at Scott, he has made this goal a reality twice.Davin McIntire, the Stars and Strikes Bowling Center equipment repairman, recently bowled a perfect game during the
  • Local Artist crafting 300 ceramic tile mural for Student Union

    This article is part of a feature series on military members and their families unique hobbies by Staff Sgt. Stephenie WadeWhat started as a simple sketch for a ceramic-tiled piece of artwork to hang in the soon-to-be newly constructed Student Union, has turned into an oversized, 23x7-foot long masterpiece of the base and the local area.Using more