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635th Supply Chain Operations Wing


635th Supply Chain Operations Wing Mission – Deliver Logistics Capabilities to the Warfighter

635th Supply Chain Operations Wing Vision – The Warfighters’ Logistics Experts

Providing 24/7 supply-chain command and control for warfighters around the globe. The 635th Supply Chain Operations Wing consist of two Supply Chain Groups, a Materiel Maintenance Group, the Air Force’s Petroleum Office, and the Vehicle and War Reserve Materiel Global Management office.  It also houses the office of Repair Network Management (RNM) that connects supply and maintenance communities across active duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve Command, and depots.  RNM utilizes these communities to collaborate on solutions to constraints using an enterprise view of repair to include propulsion, precision measurement equipment laboratories, hydraulics, avionics and electrical and environmental weapon systems.

Located at 12 locations across the world:  Cape Canaveral AFS, Ft Belvoir, Hill AFB, Holloman AFB, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Kadena AB, Mildenhall AB, Pentagon, Scott AFB, Vandenberg AFB, Warner-Robins AFB, and Wright-Patterson AFB.


Front Office
Commercial:  (618) 256-6704
DSN:  (312) 576-6704

Crisis Action Team (CAT)
Commercial:  (618) 256-6626
DSN:  (312) 576-6626

Detachment 1, Air Force Petroleum Office (AFPET)

The Air Force Petroleum Office’s mission is to provide global petroleum and aerospace energy management, technical expertise, and logistics capabilities across the Department of Defense.  Additionally, AFPET develops specifications and standardization agreements to ensure interoperability with the commercial petroleum industry, and are the sole Air Force experts on all petroleum, aerospace and cryogenic policies and procedures.

Headquartered at:  Ft Belvoir, VA

635th Supply Chain Operations Group

The 635th Supply Chain Operations Group is responsible for the sustainment of 1,500 mobility and rotary aircraft, records management for over 3 million stock numbers, and the Air Force’s $3-billion stock fund.  In addition, the group manages a nuclear weapons-related materiel storage facility, protective equipment management, and support for enterprise-wide logistics systems.

Headquartered at:  Scott AFB, IL

Units: 435th Supply Chain Operations Squadron, 436th Supply Chain Operations Squadron & 437th Supply Chain Operations Squadron

635th Materiel Maintenance Group

The 635th Materiel Maintenance Group is responsible for the storage, inspection, repair, deployment and accountability of BEAR base assets belonging to Air Combat Command. The group's 431 authorized personnel encompass 42 Air Force specialties and are responsible for BEAR base assets worth over $234 million.

Headquartered at: Holloman AFB, NM

Units: 635th Materiel Maintenance Squadron & 635th Materiel Maintenance Support Squadron

735th Supply Chain Operations Group

The 735th Supply Chain Operations Group is responsible for the sustainment of several major end items: fighter, bomber, and special platform aircraft and their assets.  Additionally, the group performs centralized equipment management valued $26 billion and also directs the procurement, redistribution, and sustainment of the Air Force’s vehicle fleet.

Headquartered at:  Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA

Units: 438th Supply Chain Operations Squadron, 439th Supply Chain Operations Squadron, 440th Supply Chain Operations Squadron & 441st Vehicle Support Chain Operations Squadron

635th SCOW leadership

Col. Ryan N. Bakazan

Col Kristin Hipps
Deputy Commander

Mark J. Hawley
Deputy Director

Chief Master Sgt. Nicholas M. Conner
Command Chief