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  • Hispanic Heritage Month Showcase: Lieutenant General Elwood R. “Pete” Quesada

    Lt. Gen. Elwood R. “Pete” Quesada was a pioneer of aerial refueling, an architect of U.S. tactical air power, and was a key U.S. Army Air Forces leader during WWII in the European Theater of Operations. After WWII, he was the commander of Tactical Air Command and the first head of the Federal Aviation Administration.Pete Quesada was born in 1904 in
  • Team Tether support Operation Allies Refuge

    Across the Air Force Airmen banded together to evacuate approximately 120,000 American citizens and Afghan evacuees during Operation Allies Refuge from the Hamid Karzai International Airport, Afghanistan. The operation itself, to date, is the largest noncombatant evacuation operation of its kind in Air Force history. When one thinks of an evacuation, the envisioning in their mind may be of security forces personnel ensuring safety and aircraft being expertly flown, but those are only a couple color pallets in the artfully crafted total picture. Enter the professionals of the 375th Communications Support Squadron Tether team.
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Showcase: Maj. Manuel John “Pete” Fernandez, Jr.

    Maj. Manuel John “Pete” Fernandez, Jr. was the third highest scoring U.S. Air Force and American ace of the Korean War with 14.5 victories. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Silver Star for extraordinary heroism in Korea on March 21, 1953. Pete Fernandez was born in Key West, Florida, on April 19, 1925. His grandparents emigrated from Spain to Cuba before settling in the United States. His father, an early amateur enthusiast, became chief radio operator for the new Pan American World Airways, then pioneering the air routes to the Caribbean and Latin America. Pete earned his private pilot’s license at age 15. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps after graduating from High School in 1943, entering the Aviation Cadet Program. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and received his wings on November 20, 1944. He became a pilot instructor at Midland, Texas, followed by instructor assignments in San Jose, Guatemala, and Panama. He didn’t experience any aerial combat in WWII.
  • Barrier Activated: Security Forces stop gate runners

    The 375th Security Forces Squadron has great pride in providing security and safety to Team Scott personnel, members and residents. Recently, there were two different incidents where individuals drove past the gate guard without rendering proper identification. The purpose of the gate guard is to positively identify and validate authorized credentials for individuals entering the base to ensure unauthorized individuals do not gain access. If they were not at the gate, anyone, without verification, would be able to gain access causing security risks.
  • Meet the Robinsons: family, balance, connection

    The Showcase Wing welcomed its newest commander July 1, and Col. Chris Robinson, along with his wife, Stephanie, both said they are excited to be part of Team Scott once again, focusing on its Airmen, families and mission sets. They’re both natives from Charlotte, North Carolina, with “Stephanie grew up on one side of town while I grew up on the other,” said the commander. They met at age 14 and by the time they were 20, got married. Stephanie explained how they met in junior high art class and went to different high schools but still stayed connected. When separate colleges just didn’t work for the lovebirds, she came back to Charlotte, and they tied the knot. Now, 23 years and four children later, including twin boys, they share the secrets of a happy union.
  • Public Notice: American Water test results of base water supply for PFOS/PFOA

    The results of American Water’s testing of the base’s drinking water supply for levels of perfluorooctanesulfonic (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic (PFOA) acids are below the EPA’s lifetime health advisory threshold of 70 parts per trillion (ppt).
  • It’s the ‘little things’ - 375th Air Mobility Wing Occupational Safety

    SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE Ill. -- Mission success depends greatly on safeguarding its greatest asset - people. To effectively do so, proper methods are essential in maintaining the well-being of the men and women of Team Scott. The 375th Air Mobility Wing’s Occupational Safety Office is responsible for protecting base personnel and resources, evaluating both how people do their jobs, and the environment in which they are doing them.
  • Annual water disinfectant, hydrant cleaning

    An annual disinfectant change and fire hydrant flushing program is an important maintenance activity that helps ensure high water quality and helps keep the water main pipes in good condition.