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U.S. Air Force Airman sits in chair

Showcase Airman: SrA Francisco Perez

Senior Airman Francisco Perez, 54th Airlift Squadron executive airlift flight attendant, recognized the aging safety briefing cards aboard a fleet of C-40C Clipper aircraft. Although Perez is a senior airman, he understands the professional image the 932rd Airlift Wing and 375th Air Mobility Wing wishes to maintain and identified these briefing cards were not up to par. He quickly sprang into action coordinating and procuring new material that provided an accurate depiction of emergency equipment and door operations. Working closely with an outside source, he streamlined the creation and ensured delivery of the $3068 project prior to the summer mission surge. The new safety briefing card added “curb appeal” of our already highly coveted Air Force mission, while effectively emphasizing the importance of passenger and aircraft safety. Additionally, Perez is a Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE) augmentee, who happily assists an undermanned shop to meet their monthly training requirements. Perez’s dedication in the field ensures aircrew members remain current and qualified in support of worldwide operations in the most austere locations.

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Showcase Airman

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