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Showcase Airman - Staff Sgt. McCamish

Showcase Airman - Staff Sgt. McCamish

This week’s Showcase Airman is Staff Sgt. Matthew McCamish, 906th Air Refueling Squadron instrumentation and flight control avionics systems craftsman. In addition to maintaining all of the IFCS on nine assigned KC-135 aircraft, McCamish was one of the first IFCS technicians to achieve a second qualification outside of his primary AFSC. McCamish excelled during the execution of three nuclear readiness inspections, and he was selected to lead the specialist flight’s aircraft launch support response vehicle. His leadership efforts ensured that the squadron was in complete compliance with United States Strategic Command’s number one priority. McCamish also earned the Commandant award upon his graduation of Airman Leadership School and was selected as the 906th Maintenance Professional of the Year for 2017. McCamish balances all of his professional duties and accomplishments by spending all of his off-duty time with his wife and 10-month-old daughter.

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