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Showcase Airman

Showcase Airman: Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Stutzman

Tech. Sgt. Jeremy Stutzman is a Reservist assigned to the 375th Air Mobility Wing Legal Office. Stutzman is on extended orders and has taken the reigns as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of General Law. Stutzman took control of a section which had zero manning for the prior two months and put it back on track to full-steam operation again. Revamping and streamlining processes began as soon as he arrived. Stutzman revectored tasks that were being covered by attorneys and aligned them as paralegal tasks, saving over 20 officer man hours per week. Additionally, the realignment aided in developing a brand new paralegal’s writing, research, and management skills. Next, Stutzman managed the triage and assistance of 514 clients requiring 717 documents and 971 notaries to be produced, thereby saving the clients $100,580.00 in legal fees. Finally, Stutzman spearheaded the weekly reenlistment briefing which returned 14 man hours to the active duty component and facilitated the process for 53 enlisted members to continuing to serve in the Air Force.

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