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  • Tora! Tora! Tora! performance honors heroes, keeping their legacy, sacrifice alive

    Anticipation builds as the narrator asks the audience to close their eyes. Drawing steadily closer, the faint sound of aircraft engines grows louder as eight World War II planes speed by overhead, their passing followed by several loud explosions. Sirens begin to wail as black smoke lingers in the air. “The date is December 7, 1941 and you are
  • Awesome crowds, stellar weather highlight ‘showcase’ event

    After almost two years of preparation and a century in the making, Scott Air Force Base celebrated its 100 years of service with the 2017 Centennial Airshow and Open House June 10-11.“I think the air show was not only an exciting way to commemorate 100 years of service at Scott AFB, but also a great opportunity to give something back to the