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Meet the Vice: Recipe for success is faith, caring for others before self

  • Published
  • By Senior AIrman Shannon Moorehead

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. –As a professional baker and an administrative secretary, the parents of Col. Rob Lowe never served in the military, but they instilled a respect for those who did in their son.

Lowe, the new 375th Air Mobility Wing vice commander, said, “I think it was their gratefulness toward our military, in addition to my fascination with movies, national parks and memorials centered on our military history, that ultimately inspired me to join.”

The native of Atlanta, studied Biology at Georgia State University and then commissioned into the Air Force. Now, 20 years later he has amassed nearly 3,000 flying hours that includes 670 combat hours that has taken him to every major theater around the world.  He’s flown the T-6, T-1A, C-17, C-37A, and through a great partnership with the 932nd Airlift Wing, he now flies the C-40 based at Scott.

He didn’t have to travel too far to join the Showcase Wing, having been stationed here since 2018, first as part of Air Mobility Command’s executive leadership team and then most recently from the 618th Air Operations Center where he served as director of the Strategy Directorate.

Joining him on this journey is his high-school sweetheart and wife, Sheree, and their three children, Sydney, Rachel and Colin.

“A friend told me [Sheree] was a good dancer, so I asked her to be my date to prom,” said Lowe. “I can’t say much for my dancing then and now, but she’s been making me look good ever since that prom date 26 years ago.”

Married for 20 years now, their time together has taken them all over the U.S. with assignments in Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Florida, Washing D.C., Alabama and Illinois now.  It has enabled them to forge everlasting bonds, said Sheree.

“I love the Air Force community, and made so many friends and had great support over the years. I hope to share that with other military families and help them stay connected and supported,” she said.

Through the years, they said they’ve enjoyed many memorable moments together as a military family, a favorite of which is spending Christmas with their Air Force family and friends. They invite others to join them for Christmas Eve breakfast in their pajamas, drinking apple cider, and enjoying a sense of family and community.

“The kids really look forward to this. I think we just really treasure those moments from every station we've gone to and the different breakfasts that we've had during the holiday,” added Sheree.

Now as the 375th Air Mobility Wing vice commander he leads more than 3,100 personnel who provide aeromedical evacuation for patients, and operational support airlift for high priority passengers and cargo with a fleet of 14 C-21 aircraft.

“It feels really good to get back to the wing level where the Airmen are on the leading edge,” said Lowe. “It feels like I won the lottery.”

As he steps fully into his position, he plans to lead by serving more like a pump rather than a filter to keep issues moving into and out of the wing staying focused on mission readiness and supporting our commander. For the Airmen, he said he hopes to be a voice of advice and mentorship.

“I'm what they call a ‘free colonel,’” said Lowe. “What that means is I'm available for advice, mentorship or a second opinion on matters and my advice is free.  When it comes to leadership philosophy, I also believe in an ‘I’m third’ principle: 1. Put your faith into something bigger than yourself. 2. Care for and put others first. 3. Care for yourself so you can do No. 1 and 2.  I really believe that if we just follow that recipe, things personally will just fall into place as they should for all of us.”