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Operations Support Squadron molds “bold leaders”

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Shannon Moorehead

Scott Air Force Base, Ill. – How do you take a large squadron with more than 15 different career fields and have them perform their missions flawlessly and in unison?

Just look to their motto, “Bold Leaders. Ready Airmen.”  It captures every 375th Operations Support Squadron Airman’s role in executing airfield operations – their work is the foundation for every aircrew member setting foot on the flight line and every aircraft taxiing out for takeoff.

The 375th OSS is comprised of seven flights and several subordinate sections. Their daily tasks include aircrew and aircraft support, flight schedule coordination, proactive weather monitoring, training, air traffic control, and all the other tasks required for managing a busy joint-use airfield. At any given time, members of these sections may be called upon to perform their mission anywhere – whether at Scott or deployed to the other side of the world, so it’s important for them to always remain mission ready.

“We’re a diverse team united in a common goal of supporting operations,” said Lt. Col. James Chapa, 375th OSS Operations Officer. “We have highly skilled mechanics, technicians, controllers, instructors, administrators, pilots, medics and personnel experts – all playing a key part of making the mission happen, and we take every opportunity to keep them tied in to the larger mission they all support. Every OSS Airman in every section plays a key role in the wing’s mission: Executing Rapid Global Mobility.”

Senior Master Sgt. Michael Adcock, 375th OSS superintendent, added, “Think of it like a football team … every position on the field has a specific role, whether it's the quarterback, a lineman or special teams helping them all be successful.  Each role plays an important part to winning the game, just as each function in the OSS plays a key role in running an operational airfield.”

To ensure that their mission continues unhindered, the 375th OSS provides every Airman with the necessary training to perform his or her key functions, and when required, boldly make the right call in a variety of situations, said Chapa.

Adcock, explained, “We need our Airmen to be bold leaders, whether they’re in the Control Tower, on the Flight Line, or inspecting lifesaving equipment, our airmen find themselves with a tremendous amount of responsibility early on in their career.  By developing them to have the skill and confidence to make the right call, we know it helps ensure every function operates safely and smoothly wherever they’re needed.”

The diversity of the 375th OSS mission is one of its greatest strengths and by emphasizing the importance of being a Bold Leader, Ready Airman, they’re postured to not only execute Rapid Global Mobility here at Scott AFB, but also around the world.