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AMC Icon rocks the Scott Club

  • Published
  • By Monte Miller
  • 375th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
The Scott Club was packed with more than 250 people Friday night for the annual Scott Icon competition, which featured some of Scott Air Force Base's best.

Fourteen performers took the stage in hopes of winning the Scott competition and heading to the command wide competition Oct. 23.

"This is a great public relations program," said Scott Club Manager Mary Robles. "It's great for the contestants. There is a lot of talent at this base and the others that no one knows about. It's great to see people out supporting each other."

Air Mobility Command Icon is based loosely around the TV show, American Idol. AMC Icon is an AMC/CC initiative designed to showcase the vocal talents of the AMC

Although the competition and $500 first prize was won by Landon King, 15th Operational Weather Squadron, second place winner Staff Sgt. Timothy Herrman, AMC, will represent Scott at the command level in October.

Mrs. Robles explained that Scott active duty, Reservists, Guard members and civilians were eligible to win the Scott competition, but only active duty military members would be able to advance to the command level competition.

Third place in the competition was awarded to Whitney Striblin, 375th Services Squadron, who sang "Take a Bow" by Rihanna.

Competitors were judged in several categories including technical excellence and showmanship.

Technical Excellence:
Intonation: Pitch--the performer sings in or out of tune
Tone quality: The sound of the performer's voice is pleasing or unpleasing, appropriate to the emotional content of the song or is not appropriate
Precision: The performer's command of their vocal instrument is apparent or not apparent
Rhythmic accuracy: The performer is rhythmically aligned to the arrangement or is not aligned
Enunciation: The performer's words are well-understood or are not well understood
Stylistically authentic: The performer's rendition of the song matches the musical genre
or does not match
Presence: Performer skillfully uses choreography to enhance performance or does not
Appearance: Performer's costume ensemble enhances the power of the performance or does not
Poise: Performer's confidence commands the audience's attention or does not
Personality: Performer projects a distinct stage persona or does not
Style: Performer's personal approach or liberty taken with song is strong and
convincing or it is not
Sincerity: Performer is "believable"; "sells" the performance
Energy: Performance elicits excitement from the audience or it does not
Polish: Performer has prepared and fine tuned a flawless performance or has not 

Scott competitors included Roger Drinnon, Air Mobility Command; Senior Airman Danielle Duval, 15th Operational Weather Squadron; 2nd Lt. Zach Spotts, 375th Services Squadron; Staff Sgt. Timothy Herrman, AMC; Tech Sgt. Jesus Revilla, 375th Civil Engineer Squadron; Staff Sgt. Kendrick Burton, U.S. Transportation Command; Whitney Striblin, 375th SVS; Landon King, 15th OWS; Tonya Wigger, 375th Communications Squadron; Richard Bislich, 126th Air Refueling Wing; Rodney Cole, Surface Deployment Distribution Command; Staff Sgt. Tanya Schiller, 932nd Airlift Wing; Brianna Wheeler and Jeanine Dunn, AMC. 

Each of the 12 AMC installations will conduct a base-level Icon contest. The top rated participants from each base will be that installation's representative in the command finals, which will be held Oct. 23 here at Scott during the Phoenix Rally.
At the Scott competition, performers were able to pick their own songs and sang to soundtracks in karaoke style. For the AMC command level show, the AMC Band of Mid-America will provide musical accompaniment.