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A&FRC staffer makes custom purses to benefit veterans

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Stephenie Wade
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs
This article is part of a feature series on military members and their families unique hobbies by Staff Sgt. Stephenie Wade

Peggy Beauvais walked through the Base Exchange last year while all the vendors were getting ready to setup their stands for Christmas, when she had a great idea.

"Why don't I make purses out of old military uniforms and donate the proceeds to the help the military," she said to her co-worker Master Sgt. Kim Freeman.

So, in December of 2011 she created her first customized purse for Sergeant Freeman and has been making purses ever since.

Beauvais is currently a community readiness consultant at the Scott Airman Family Readiness Center and has worked for the Air Force supporting military families for 28 years now.

She said, "I just wanted to find a way to give back and help those who can't help themselves. For example, the men and women who have been recently discharged and having problems finding a job."

She has created everything from a coin pouch to a diaper bag for men with unserviceable uniforms donated to her by co-workers and friends.

"I just find a way to help the uniforms live longer," she said.

With her sewing machine and hands, she works on different patterns every Saturday she has free. She is currently working on a surprise customized gift for her daughter's boss.

The pattern consist of an unserviceable Army Battle Uniform and an Airborne patch
"Taking the uniforms apart seam by seam is what takes the longest," she said.
I hope in the near future I can find more time and more hands to help me make more purses only to benefit others."

Thus far Beauvais has made more than $400 donating all proceeds to the Wounded Warrior program.

She makes customized person upon request. For more information contact Peggy Beauvais at