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Public Health team bonds: 'I will never leave an Airman behind'

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Stephenie Wade
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing, Public Affairs
Editor's note: The member diagnosed with Leukemia requested their name not be published.

"I will never leave an Airman behind" is a phrase from the Airman's Creed and one that the Scott Clinic Public Health flight team embodied as they came to the aid of a fellow Wingman diagnosed with Leukemia.

When the Airman, who requested not to be identified, was diagnosed last Christmas, her supervisor said she searched for ways to help.

"As soon as I found out she was sick, I felt helpless and had to do something," said Tech. Sgt. Miranda Minshew. "I decided to run in the Go! St Louis half-marathon April 7, to honor my friend and support her in her battle against this illness."

To participate, she joined a team and began long training runs with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's "Team in Training"--a group of athletes who raise money, of which 75 cents of every dollar is used to aid patients or fund research for blood cancer cures.

Little did she know, the news got around and the whole flight got involved. They, along with others on base, helped Minshew reach her $1,000 initial team goal required by Team in Training in just three days.

In addition to preparing for the run, the flight decorated the Airman's hospital room, organized three more fundraisers and helped raise more than $5,300 for their co-worker to support the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. The flight also supported the cause on the sidelines as they cheered for Minshew in their "Team Hope" T-shirts.

Capt. Carol Manning, Public Health Officer, said. "When Minshew came to me with her idea to join the Team in Training, I supported her participation and every time she was close to meeting her goal, I encouraged her. It's important to support a coworker during times like this because we are a family--it only seems second nature to rally behind a Wingman in need. I am so proud of Minshew and the flight for truly championing the cause. It's easy to stand by and watch others act. It's a whole other thing to meet a challenge head on and excel."

Minshew said she did it "because my flight is my family ... and it's always important to stand behind family. We've come together in so many ways in support of our Airman and, I believe, changed for the better. We are more resilient--we can truly say that we live up to the Airman's creed that "We will never leave an Airman behind!"