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Military, community leaders send congratulatory messages

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Gen. Dave Goldfein
Air Force Chief of Staff

“Scott Airmen, Community Partners, Families and Friends: 229 years ago, our founding fathers signed their names to the United States Constitution. And for the past century, Scott Airmen signed their names to history—supporting and defending our Nation’s most fundamental principles.

Today, you serve in the contrails of Airpower’s elites ... aviation pioneers like Corporal Frank Scott and airlift giants like General Tunner and General Cassidy. Nearly everything about the American way of war changed these 10 decades, except one: there’s no bridge too far for Scott Air Force Base. On behalf of your 660,000 brothers and sisters in blue, Happy 100th Anniversary!”


Lt. Gen. Stayce D. Harris
Air Force Assistant Vice Chief of Staff

“Tucked away in the heartland of America is a team of active duty, Guard, Reserve, civilian and contract personnel who have spent the past 100 years perfecting the ability to bring Rapid Global Mobility to our nation! With a few hundred acres of land and a vision for air superiority, Scott Field blossomed from its Army Air Corps day to become DoD’s hub for air, sea and land transportation requirements. Through the years and with outstanding support from your families and the community, you have responded to our nation’s call whether during times of war, natural disaster, or humanitarian crisis. Your outstanding personal efforts and dedication have created a wonderful legacy to be proud of. Thank you and congratulations on 100 years of service! Airpower!”

CMSAF James A. Cody
“It’s been my honor to live and work at Scott Air Force Base for many years, I know first-hand what the teams do every day to answer the nation’s call. The enlisted corps is well represented in the Air Force with the base’s namesake—Corporal Frank Scott—whose love of flying and aviation led him into the service assigned as a mechanic. The decision to name the base after him is a lasting tribute to all who lost their dives during the early years of military aviation, which required guts and uncommon bravery.

Today’s service requires no less dedication and commitment to get the job done, so I take this moment to thank all of you at Scott AFB for your legacy of service and for honoring the sacrifices and achievements of those who’ve gone before us! Have a great Centennial Celebration and keep Aiming High!”

Gen. Darren McDew
Commander, U.S. Transportation Command

“I have had the unique privilege of commanding several organizations on Scott AFB throughout the years. From commanding the then-375th Airlift Wing in 2002, to its parent headquarters, the 18th Air Force, and then Air Mobility Command … and now at U.S Transportation Command. Evelyn and I are so humbled to have been a part of the amazing history!

It's been marvelous to see the changes and improvements at Scott Air Force Base! There's a lot happening here and who would have known so many years ago during the humble beginnings of Scott Field, that today our base would be a hub for global land, sea and air transportation, and cyberspace operations?
Committed citizens and dedicated leaders at every level have ensured Scott Air Force Base not only survived but thrived, and will continue to do so for the next 100 years! 2017 is a year to celebrate—100 years of Scott Air Force Base, 70 years for our United States Air Force, 25 years as Air Mobility Command, and 30 years for U.S. Transportation Command. So from us to you—Happy 100th Birthday!”

Gen. Carlton D. Everhart, II
Commander, Air Mobility Command

“Mobility Airmen have called Scott Air Force Base home since we flew the first Aeromedical Evacuation sortie right here on Aug. 24, 1918, less than one year after the first flight at Scott Field. In 1957 Scott Air Force Base officially became home to the Military Air Transport Service, followed by Military Airlift Command and this year we celebrate Air Mobility Command's 25th year at Scott. Today, we are the lead command for Aeromedical Evacuation as well as Airlift, Air Refueling and Global Enroute Mobility Support. 

Together, our Total Force Team provides critical capabilities to all nine combatant commanders at every corner of the globe, 365 days a year. The Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. Dave Goldfein, has called Mobility the lifeblood of the Joint Force. We are proud to pump that lifeblood from American's heartland. Thank you to our communities, families, and friends for partnering with us for 100 years! Happy birthday Scott Air Force Base!”

Proclamation by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner

The Year of Scott Air Force Base Proclamation, to be given Jan. 6, 2017
WHEREAS, Scott Air Force Base celebrates its Centennial Birthday after having provided a century of unparalleled service to the nation and to the great state of Illinois since 1917 during both peacetime and in times of conflict; and
WHEREAS, Scott Air Force Base began as a pilot training platform and also where early aviators transformed aircraft into flying hospitals which were the forerunner of today’s aeromedical evacuation system, and after World War I served as a lighter-than-air station flying dirigibles and using balloons for atmospheric experimentation; and
WHEREAS, by World War II, Scott Air Force base transformed into a radio communications training and operations center known as the “eyes and ears of the Army Air Forces,” with a long and illustrious history that laid the foundation for today’s Air Force mission to “fly, fight and win in air, space and cyberspace;” and
WHEREAS, the birth of an independent United States Air Force on September 18, 1947, re-designated Scott Field as Scott Air Force Base as the mission grew to enable rapid global mobility in support of combat and humanitarian relief operations around the world; and
WHEREAS, Scott Air Force Base remains a treasured military asset directly employing 13,000 Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and government service civilian members along with Department of Defense contractors who contribute to a regional economic impact of $3.5 billion dollars annually;
THEREFORE, I, Bruce Rauner, Governor of Illinois, do hereby proclaim 2017 as the Year of Scott Air Force Base in the State of Illinois, and congratulate the Greater Scott Communities who have supported the military and civilian employees and their families during the past “Century of Service.” We thank them for protecting our freedom and selflessly dedicating their lives to serving our nation and the great state of Illinois.

Southwest Illinois Council of Mayors

On behalf of the Southwest Illinois Council of Mayors, I congratulate you on your centennial celebration!

Scott Air Force Base has been a cornerstone of America's defense and today oversees major transportation and airlift operations for our service members whether for national defense, peacekeeping or for humanitarian operations. Our service men and women forego comfort, face hardships, confront danger and sometimes give their life in our defense, and they have well earned our unwavering support. The men and women who serve at Scott Air Force Base are our family, and we are invested in their well-being as they are in ours.

Scott Air Force Base is an extremely vital part of our community. Our military men and women integrate in our daily lives as a part of our neighborhoods, churches, and schools. It is no wonder why Scott Air Force Base was awarded the prestigious Abilene Trophy twice for outstanding community support and named the best base to live for airmen by the Air Force Times in 2014!

We have enjoyed a long and robust friendship and partnership through the years and wish to congratulate the military and civilian employees, past and present leaders, and families who have contributed to our local cities, who volunteer in our schools and for thousands of projects and organizations that benefit our region.

We are so proud to be part of the team, and we wish all of you a Happy 100th Birthday!


Mayor Mark W. Eckert
President, Southwest Illinois Council of Mayors