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Following in his father’s footsteps

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Jodi Martinez
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

Lt. Col. Eric Trias is known on Scott Air Force Base as the commander of the Cyberspace Support Squadron. He was born out of a family that has a history of military service. Initially, he joined as an enlisted member, but he was soon selected for the Airman’s Education and Commissioning Program. For him, he wanted to become an officer in order to have a larger impact on the lives of Airmen.

While his impact has reached other Airmen, it also extended to his oldest son, 28-year-old Staff Sgt. Christopher Trias, who followed the Air Force path behind his father. His son is an Air Force security forces member with the 39th Security Forces Squadron at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey.

Even though he is based overseas, he was able to attend his father’s change of command ceremony in July. Those are the moments Trias cherishes because when the family is together, he said, it is rare and precious.

“The ceremony was much richer having my whole immediate family in attendance,” said Trias.

It’s often unknown when military families will see each other next, but traditions help keep the Trias family close.

“Whether it's during a holiday event,” said Trias, “Or just the daily or weekly routines like dinners and Saturday breakfasts together, these traditions keep our family grounded and provide the opportunity to talk and spend time together.”

While joint spouses have an easier time remaining at the same base, the same is not true of children and their parents who may be serving during the same timeframe. It is another challenge, sure, but not one that the Trias family isn’t prepared to face.

Trias says that the resiliency of his family is something he is most proud of. In every situation, he and his family have conquered each challenge they’ve faced.

“As an Airman with two small children, we evacuated from Mt. Pinatubo volcanic eruption while stationed at Clark Air Base,” said Trias. “We left our house with a three-day supply of items and ended up never seeing that house again.”

Years later after commissioning, his family had to remain resilient while he went through officer training school, tech school, and a remote tour to Korea, which totaled 22 months.

Now his son furthers the military legacy, and Trias is proud that his son has helped extend their military service to another generation.

His family, who he describes as hardworking, resilient, dedicated, caring, and fun have the recipe to help extend service for generations to come.