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My journey through breast cancer

  • Published
  • By Marsha Holtz

July 11, 2016 - It should have been a very happy day for both my husband and myself; it was our 13 year anniversary. However, on this day I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 46. To say the least, I was shocked, devastated, and scared to death. My journey started the next day with a visit to my surgeon’s office. I was officially diagnosed with Stage I, ER/PR positive, HERS 2 negative breast cancer.

My surgeon told me, “This is curable, we caught it very early. Your mammogram saved your life”.

The surgeon moved incredibly fast. Surgery was scheduled, I had a treatment plan, and I went through further testing to ensure it had not spread. Thankfully, it was localized to one area. I was overwhelmed with love and support from my husband, family, friends, and co-workers throughout my treatment. At times it was a bit overwhelming for me. I realized at that moment that life is short, relationships are precious, and you must live in the moment.  

The hardest part of my journey was accepting help from others. This is one time in your life that it is okay to accept help. It does not mean that you are weak. This is also when you should reach out to other survivors. They are always willing to help you through your journey. They have been there and know exactly what you are going through. Also, take time for yourself. You an­d your body need it.