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Commander’s Call: Wing Commander Q&A

  • Published
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing Commander

Here is the next round of Q&As from my most recent Commander’s Call.

I posted these responses and previous Q&A to our wing Sharepoint site and our public website,, for future access and review.

Please keep the questions coming!



Why are medical officers not groomed the same way to be leaders as line officers?

Thank you for your question. Medical officers are groomed to be leaders, but there are some differences in the way they are developed.

The majority of medical officers are groomed for command leadership similar to their line counterparts; however, there are two other career tracks which require a different kind of leadership. One is a purely clinical track. While all of our medical providers are trained to be excellent doctors, dentists, nurses, etc., some are hand-picked to become true experts in their field of medicine, and this requires additional training and development.

The other medical career path is along an academic track. The science of medicine is evolving at an astonishing rate, and we need academic leaders to run our education programs at our medical schools and other medical education platforms. I hope this gives you a little more insight into the different ways we develop our medical leaders.


Are there any plans to fix the “Use it or Lose” system?

There are currently no proposals in regards to changing use or lose leave guidance.

According to the Military Leave Instruction (AFI 36-3006), Airmen may not carry leave in excess of 60 days into the next fiscal year. At the end of the fiscal year, they lose leave in excess of 60 days unless eligible for Special Leave Accrual.

SLA allows Airmen who have served in a mission where they were eligible for hostile fire pay or imminent danger pay for a continuous period of at least 120 days to accrue leave. Under SLA, Airmen can accumulate a maximum of 120 days of leave (60 days of ordinary leave, plus 60 days of SLA). If you have any additional questions about use or lose leave, please contact our Force Support Squadron experts who can help answer any questions regarding your specific situation.


When are we going to stop face-to-face boards for awards?

Good question. Currently, we conduct face-to-face boards at the wing level for annual awards only.

This is to prepare our winners to compete at the MAJCOM or Air Force Level where those members usually meet a panel or some type of interview process. If one of our Airmen is selected as an Outstanding Airman of the Year, that individual is expected to serve in the capacity of an Air Force Ambassador. The board process ensures we are taking the whole-person concept into consideration, and we are selecting the absolute best to represent our Wing, MAJCOM, and the Air Force. Additionally, this allows our Airmen the opportunity to hone their skills for the next level of competition and gain confidence in their ability to excel at interviews.



When is the option to take indoor PT tests going to be available?

Great question! Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer testing simultaneously at indoor and outdoor locations due to manning restrictions. However, my Aug. 20, 2015, policy letter allows use of the Fitness Center indoor track for PT tests during inclement weather as outlined in AFI 36-2905, attachment 6.

For better visibility of the 375th AMW policy letters, a library is available on our wing SharePoint site.


Can we get bike rental stations on base?

Thanks for asking! We are always glad to entertain fresh ideas and reconsider options for the installation. The 375th Force Support Squadron considered the possibility of providing a bicycle rental station service n FY13. The FSS consulted with a contractor for equipment, station setup, rental payment options, as well as bicycle maintenance and patron liability concerns.

However, we determined that the project was not be financially viable due to the expected number of rentals and equipment maintenance costs. That said, if enough people are interested in this service, we can re-consider this option in the future. Please let us know if you are interested in this service at Scott AFB.


Can we get Wi-Fi in the Library Auditorium for the next CC’s call?

Thank you for your interest in the Base Library Auditorium. Wi-Fi connectivity via the base network is currently available in the Library Auditorium. Guests utilizing the facility may connect via government devices. Commercial Wi-Fi is not currently available, but could be added in the future, should mission and fiscal priorities enable funding. Our Library team will certainly consider your request as they set service goals for the coming fiscal year.

In the meantime, commercial Wi-Fi is available in the Base Library and Education and Training Center (including the Student Union Patio and Café). Both provide great locations to access the internet for work, study, and personal interests.


Is it scheduled or planned to create a sidewalk path to get to the Lincoln Landing Gate?

We appreciate your feedback. Many of our base personnel live in Lincoln’s Landing, and you are not alone in your concerns regarding the Lincoln’s Landing Pedestrian gate. As I am sure you are aware, our housing here at Scott AFB is privatized, and most of the work done in base housing is funded and completed through Hunt Housing.

We have a great working relationship with Hunt Housing, and we passed along your request to our Hunt Housing Team. They are very receptive to feedback and will ultimately be the ones who determine if they are able to execute the project in the future.

Be sure to let us and Hunt Housing know if you have any other suggestions to improve our base housing.



Why do we do two full-scale active shooter exercises each year?

As we have seen, real-world active shooter incidents continue to occur across the country. Following the active shooter attacks at Ft. Hood and Chattanooga, the Secretary of Defense directed several actions aimed at improving security and force protection of DoD personnel.

As part of this effort, the frequency of active shooter exercises was increased to twice per year.

This increased frequency affords the installation invaluable training for our first responders and emergency response forces. It also provides the opportunity to review both unit and individual actions should such an event occur on base.