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Operating base gates is a ‘Team Scott solution’

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Bryan Eckart
  • 375 Security Force Squadron commander
As the new Security Forces commander, I believe it is important in my first article to discuss the team effort I see as we process vehicles through the gates each morning.

As the first touch point for every member of Scott Air Force Base, our installation entry controllers are the first line of defense in the protection of our personnel and resources. Their primary responsibility, according to our Security Forces General Orders, is to "protect personnel and property for which they are responsible until properly relieved."

Our professionals at the gates are more than capable of providing an impenetrable layer of defense, as well as offer world class customer service at the gates. With over 80 percent of our population residing off the installation, we have thousands of vehicles that enter our gates each day. We turn to our friends throughout Team Scott to help us with
the traffic flow.

Every day, there is a steady stream of willing volunteers who stand alongside our defenders. These volunteers come from all organizations and include all ranks. A few weeks ago we had a group of full colonels from the Air Mobility Command staff who volunteered to take their turn of duty. Some of our regular volunteers include the Chief's and First Sergeant's Group. And, of course, our lower enlisted ranks, from all career fields, are well represented in these volunteers.

For those entering our installation gates, I offer the following tips and reminders concerning safety and courtesy. The speed limit when approaching our gates is 15 mph. Please slow down to a safe speed for the safety of our controllers. Hand free, means hands free. Someone was stopped at the gate last week for talking on a cell phone and putting on makeup at the same time; distracted driving causes accidents.

Additionally, seat belts save lives and are mandatory on the installation. Please ensure you and your children are securely fastened in your vehicle. If you are smoking, please put the cigarette in your ashtray when coming through the gate because our folks at the gates don't need your secondhand smoke. Similarly, please turn your music down when approaching the gate to facilitate communication with our defenders.

One of the greatest benefits we receive in the military is the privilege of living and working on a safe and secure installation. This safety and security is assured each and every day by the defenders and volunteers at our gates who work tirelessly to not only protect our installation, but also to be ambassadors of our "Showcase Wing."