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Thank you for a job well done!

  • Published
  • By Col. Kyle Kremer
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing commander
Happy New Year! I sincerely hope you had some quality time with family and friends during the past few weeks as we celebrated the holidays. Enabling rapid global mobility is a 24/7/365 responsibility and the work never stops, but I am continually amazed and impressed by how well the men and women at Scott Air Force Base make it happen . . . no matter the challenge.

Right out of the chute in 2014, Old Man Winter presented our first major hurdle--a major winter storm with snow and arctic temperatures not seen in this area for decades. Yet without fail, our Airmen manned their machines, grabbed their shovels and battled the blizzard-like conditions head on. While most people stayed warm inside as they rode out the storm, there were many Airmen out braving the extreme elements in an effort to keep the mission moving.

This has been a huge team effort with our Civil Engineers working nonstop since the storm began to clear our airfield, roads and parking lots while battling freezing hydraulic systems and gelling fuel in their vehicles as sub-zero temperatures took effect. This "snow patrol" team not only worked around the clock, but they did so with a selfless spirit, positive attitude and always a smile--a true testament to their Warrior Spirit. Meanwhile, our Security Forces endured the extreme wind chills to maintain watch and secure the gates, as the Logistics Readiness team kept vehicles in commission and Force Support personnel kept them fed and billeted. The whole team from Airmen to Colonels responded to rescue numerous stranded people caught in the drifting snow. It was an incredible effort and I thank you.

To all the personnel on base in positions deemed "mission-essential" despite the weather, I salute you as well. You answered the call to ensure global mobility operations continued uninterrupted. Whether it was planning and controlling airlift, air refueling or surface transportation missions; keeping our networks and communications systems fully functioning; or caring for the children and manning the Express store in support of those who did; you ensured the mission never failed and the impact of your selflessness is felt by our forces worldwide. They can't do what they do without the support provided by the collective effort of Team Scott. Well done!

The mission of the 375th Air Mobility Wing is "to provide mission ready Airmen and capabilities to enable rapid global mobility" and that is exactly what you did in true "Showcase" style. I couldn't be more proud. What we do is important, but how we do it is just as important. I know you have the talent and the means to think of innovative ways to solve problems and the motivation to overcome any obstacles. It is important for all our Airmen to be "go-to" Airmen--not just a few that often come to mind in a given work center. This past week was a shining example.

As we look forward to the coming year, we need to embrace this spirit and incorporate it into our daily operations, partnering across all of Team Scott to enable rapid global mobility and more!