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Enabling Rapid Global Mobility ... that's what we do!

  • Published
  • By Col. Kyle Kremer
  • 375 Air Mobility Wing commander
There are many countries that have similar military capabilities and equipment as we have ... airlift, sealift, air refueling, strike, strategic bombing, ground combat, and so on. However, what sets the United States apart from any other country in the world is our ability to project those capabilities around the globe ... anywhere, anytime, in force and on demand. That is what enables the United States to be the superpower that it is and the first nation the world calls upon for help when tragedy strikes or international conflict arises. Whether it is natural disaster relief, as in Haiti, Japan and the Philippines; or combat action and support, as in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya; Team Scott provides our President and Commander in Chief the confidence to know that wherever he needs to project power or extend a helping hand, we will make that happen. That is what we do from right here in the corn fields of Illinois ...Team Scott enables rapid global mobility.

As the host unit for Scott AFB, the mission of the 375th Air Mobility Wing is to provide mission ready Airmen and capabilities to enable rapid global mobility. We take this charge very seriously. Not only are we visibly operating C-21, C-40 and KC-135 aircraft in concert with our Total Force partners in the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, but we are also ensuring our forces in mission support, medical, and communications are prepared to answer our Nation's call. From lawyers to lab techs, we are ready to deploy and operate wherever and whenever needed.

However, our mission is not limited to ensuring only our own 375th Airmen are mission ready. Our mission is to ensure all of Team Scott has the support they need to execute theirs. We provide the infrastructure, communications, security, and support services for our 30 Total/Joint Force partners to succeed. A combatant command, two major commands (including one from the Army), two Department of Defense Agencies, a Numbered Air Force, several Direct Reporting Units and Field Operating Agencies, and multiple wings, groups, squadrons and detachments from multiple other MAJCOMs call Scott AFB home and rely on our host support to execute their mission. The impact is immense.

Specifically, if U.S. Transportation Command, Air Mobility Command, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, Eighteenth Air Force, and the 618 Air Operations Center (Tanker Airlift Control Center) do not have the support they need to execute, command and control mobility operations, our troops in combat and overseas duty locations cannot be resupplied, our wounded warriors cannot be airlifted to the critical medical care they need, and humanitarian aid does not flow to countries devastated by natural disasters. The impact on our 25 other mission partners at Scott AFB is just as important and wide-reaching in many other ways.

We take great pride in being "AMC's Showcase Wing," and our vision is to be the Air Force's premier mission execution and support platform. We want to be the role model for streamlined operations, mission and community partnerships, innovative and cost-effective capabilities, and superior customer service; powered by professional Airmen and a culture of integrity, service and excellence.

In order to achieve that vision, our priorities are to operate and sustain mission capabilities; prepare for tomorrow's operating environment; foster mission and community partnerships; and develop and care for our Airmen and their families. If Team Scott succeeds, then we succeed...but we need to work together.

This is a particularly challenging time in our military. Ongoing and emerging contingency operations, overshadowed by sequestration, resultant fiscal constraints and necessary force shaping measures have stressed our force like no time in recent history. The days of organizations operating independently are over. We cannot just coexist...we need to collaborate.

I urge all members of Team Scott to seek opportunities to partner and work together. Whether it's through combined exercises, shared capabilities, pooled resources or mutual support, the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Nowhere is that more evident in a mission set than right here at Scott AFB. Together we provide and enable the lynchpin capability that maintains the United States as the world superpower that it is today...Rapid Global Mobility!