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Q&A pt. X: Personnel, Facilities, Safety, Dining Facility, and Recreation

  • Published
  • By Col. Laura Lenderman
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing commander
Last week, I ran the ninth in a series of "Q&A" articles, which are in response to questions asked during my last Commander's Call. This is the 10th article in the series.

I'll be posting the responses to all of the questions on a Sharepoint site for future access and review. Please keep the questions coming!


Any insights on why OPRs/EPRs and decorations have been breaking suspenses and being held up with the new system?

The Air Force Personnel Center has been collecting feedback about the new virtual Personnel Center system and has been improving the software. A known shortfall is a delayed email notification (up to 24 hours) when a person is required to take action. This delay should not lead to a report going over suspense, if started on time. It is important for members to routinely check vPC to ensure reports are not sitting with them for action. vPC is a new system for most active duty personnel, and it has taken time for Airmen to understand how to use it proficiently. However, we have seen much improvement in timeliness as members become more comfortable working with the new system.

The Chief Master Sgt. Of the Air Force recently released a commentary regarding an AF-wide deficit in manning. Is the 375th Air Mobility Wing experiencing negative effects of this perceived or actual deficit?

The 375 AMW is currently 96 percent manned in terms of authorized personnel. While the overall manning is strong, we do know that there are mismatches across the Wing with regards to the proper rank and skill levels required. Please know that we remain engaged in affecting the imbalance where we can, and we will continue to focus on our manning issues. However, I also ask for your help in continually looking for innovative solutions and seeking efficiencies within your areas of responsibility to mitigate the impacts of any manning and skill level imbalances.


Can we designate a room for our children to play while we work out at the Fitness Center ... like we have available at the James Gym?

Space is a commodity at the Fitness Center. We have just lifted some of the restrictions on older children using the Fitness Center so younger teens can exercise with their parents. However, to meet DoD guidelines for establishing a Parent Child Activity room, the space is simply not available within our current building. We hope you enjoy those facilities at the James Gym.

Will we ever get a wooden platform in either gym for activities such as deadlifts/squats?

Yes, customers have expressed their interest in the wooden deadlift platform. This item will be placed as a budget line item for FY17. However, a similar piece of equipment that gets the same results is available in the James Gym now.

Can we set up CrossFit classes with instructors each day during lunch and after hours?

This is an initiative the Fitness Team is looking into as far as customer needs and instructor availability. The Fitness Center also partnered with the YMCA to provide additional instructors and classes. Please stay tuned to for the latest updates.

What kind of renovations are being done to the Health and Wellness Center?

Health Promotion, formerly known as the Health and Wellness Center, has permanently moved from the Fitness Center location to the 375th Medical Group. Health Promotion is located on the main floor of the Medical Group. All services, classes and clinics are still being offered to include the body composition (BOD POD). The contact number also remains the same at 256-7139. The construction you see in the Fitness Center includes many improvements to the locker rooms and aerobics room, and more improvements are on the way.

Can we get multi-level parking garages on-base?

While we're not considering parking garages at this time, we have recently expanded the parking spaces available on Scott AFB by over 200 spaces. We also encourage personnel to us the Metro where there is no need to wait at the gate in morning rush hour. In addition, parking near most community Metro stops is free, and there are buses that can take you from the Scott Metro stop close to your working area on base.

Can we have the road to Patriot Landing's housing fixed?

The portion of the road going into Patriot's Landing belongs to the railroad company. Temporary repairs were made late last fall, and the railroad plans to make more long-term repairs this summer.


Would you support or recommend commuting to and from work in civilian clothes given threats against military members as a whole?

Based on the threat analysis for our region, I do not plan on implementing a policy requiring the wear of civilian attire during transit to and from work. However, as a military member, you always have the option to transit to and from work in civilian attire if you choose to do so.


Ma'am, I do not like going to the DFAC, and I live in the dorms. Is there any way we can opt to be taken off the meal plan and receive BAS to help with food cost? Can we expect to see more variety at the Nightingale Inn Dining Facility?

At this time there are no plans to allow Airmen living in the dorms to opt out of the meal plan. However, changes are coming in the near future with the Food Transformation Initiative, an Air Force program that will improve food quality, improve our DFAC's appearance, and drive operating costs down, all while improving the overall dining experience.

Moreover, pending the final plan, Airmen on meal cards may be authorized to use other 375th Force Support Squadron food facilities.

Lastly, Food Transformation provides a training platform for Services personnel to enhance their culinary skills to meet our Air Forces mission requirements.

In the interim, if there is a particular menu item you'd like to see served, please let me or our DFAC personnel know. The team welcomes all comments to make our DFAC great.


Is there a way to get more activities for married couples rather than just single Airmen for Outdoor Recreation Center?

All of the Outdoor Recreation programs are open to everyone ... married, single, and families. Our programs may be listed as Single Airman (a program title name), but they are available to everyone.

ODR programs can be seen on the 375th FSS website and Facebook page. Also, the Information Tickets and Transportation office offers many opportunities for families to have fun together. In addition, Cardinal Creek Golf Course has introduced low cost "Family Tee Times" this year that make golf a fun game for everyone.

Arts and Crafts offer many opportunities for family participation in classes, contests and other events. Did you know that Sunday is Family Bowling day at the Stars and Strikes Bowling Center? Check out the FSS on Facebook, MYMC2, or at