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Q&A pt. VI: New Visiting Quarters, Delays at the Gates, Childcare Development Center, Urinalysis Tests, Parking Spots and Road Repair, Restaurants on Base, Base Pool and Disc Golf, and Charter Cable

  • Published
  • By Col. Laura Lenderman
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing commander
Last week, I ran the fifth in a series of "Q&A" articles, which are in response to questions asked during a previous Commander's Call. This is the sixth article in the series. I'll be posting the responses to all of the questions on a Sharepoint site for future access and review. Please keep the questions coming!


When is the new billeting facility going to be completed?

We broke ground on the new Visiting Quarters on March 11 and plan to have the VQs completed by late 2017.


I'm new to Scott, and it takes 30-45 minutes to get on base, and I live in privatized housing. Any fixes coming soon?

During the fall, we installed new gate barriers and established alternate routing, which caused an increased delay when accessing the base. Now that construction is complete, traffic flow should have improved. However, if you're still experiencing delays, please let me know which gates are impacted and at what time you're experiencing the delays. Additional volunteers to augment our Security Forces at the gates in the morning will also help alleviate delays. If you or anyone in your unit has some extra time to volunteer alongside our Defenders during the morning rush, it's a great way to get involved!


Why don't we get a free week at the CDC? At other bases, that was implemented, and it is nice when going on leave.

Department of Defense and Air Force policy does not allow for free weeks of care. Perhaps you were at a base where they "annualized" their fees. This is when the normal weekly fee is calculated by multiplying by 52 and dividing by 50, resulting in a slightly higher weekly payments. However, the result is two weeks when parents do not have to pay out of pocket. But, over the course of the year, parents are still paying the same amount they would in 52 weeks.
Did you know that CDCs are supported with both appropriated and non-appropriated funds (parent fees)? Parent fees only cover caregiver wages and benefits. All other expenses are covered with appropriated funds, so we feel that we deliver a great bargain.


For the urine test, is there any way that women could place their cups inside of something to carry them out. It is embarrassing, especially after miscarriage.

Thanks for the suggestion! We are in the process of purchasing small brown bags that will be cut to bottle top height. This will permit personnel to carry the bottle with some privacy, while preserving the observer's ability to view the top of the bottle at all times. In the meantime, Carry Payne, our Drug Demand Reduction lead, reviewed the AFI and found there is nothing to prohibit the member from carrying the specimen covered by a paper towel as long as the observer continues to see the bottle. The observer must be able to testify that nothing has contaminated the bottle between the restroom and the collection site. Thanks again for the suggestion!


Is there a way forward to address parking and reserved spots for units that were decommissioned?

Thank you for bringing that to my attention. If possible, please send me or Col. Shawn Campbell, Mission Support Group commander, a note with the location of the spots that we need to address. In addition, if you're able to notify the facility manager near the reserved parking spots, he or she can establish a 375th Civil Engineering Squadron work order to address the issue.

When will a Base Parking Plan be established? Can we please get some bigger parking spaces that fit trucks/SUVs and are more fishbone style rather than the wretched parallel ones?

Within the last several months, the 375th CES team completed a full review and accountability of all parking spots at Scott Air Force Base. We added nearly 500 new parking spots in the past year and are seeking funding for additional projects. Many of the spaces are the fishbone type; however, we generally use the parallel parking in locations with limited space.

Will we ever have Electric Vehicle charging stations/parking spots on base?

Perhaps in the future. We have looked at the viability of installing these units over the past few years, as well as alternative fuel points (natural gas, hydrogen) to include a pay business model, but we have not found it to be economically feasible at this time.

Can you please fix the roads over the railroad tracks by the old aero club? My car almost bottoms out on those.

The 375th Mission Support Group commander and his staff have worked diligently with Norfolk Southern Railroad who owns the tracks and the road immediately around the tracks. Earlier in January, Norfolk Southern made temporary repairs to the road to ensure safe passage; however, we will continue to work a more complete, long-term solution once the warmer weather permits the laying of asphalt.


What is the process for getting new restaurants on base? Can we incorporate a healthy option, like the Revel food truck, into a permanent spot into the Exchange?

We are committed to improving and expanding available menu options on base. Working with our Exchange partners, we're invested in replacing our less healthy operations with healthier options. However, the process does take time to plan and negotiate with potential businesses. Our Exchange partners have been working to bring in another option for more than a year now and continue in that pursuit. The 375th Force Support Squadron eateries are offering healthier options than in days past, like a variety of salads, sandwiches, and wraps. The 375 FSS team invites and appreciates feedback. If there are menu options you'd like us to consider, please let the 375 FSS team know.


Are there any plans on renovating the pool house?

The Pool House is currently under renovation. At the end of the last fiscal year, we began a project to completely renovate the interior bathrooms and changing rooms, replace electrical panels, address conduit and conductors, and construct handicap ramps at the pool entrances and poolside.

The 375 CES portion of the project is expected to be completed by the end of May which will marry up with all the exciting events and activities our Force Support Squadron has in store for Team Scott this summer at the pool!

Where are we on a disc golf course at Scott?

We considered bringing disc golf to Scott last year; however, we did not have sufficient interest at that time. That said, disc golf could be offered for base members if any group wanted to form a private organization. Our POC for management of Private Organizations is the 375th FSS/FSR (256-6320).


Why do we continue to use charter cable versus an IPTV solution?

Charter Cable continues to offer competitive rates to all customers across base. If there are issues with either reliability or availability of cable TV services, please contact the 375th Contracting Squadron at 256-9321.