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Q&A pt. V: Wing Morale Events, Dorm Policy, Personnel/Discrimination, 375th Security Forces Squadron Vehicles, Food Transformation, Shiloh and Belleville Gate Augmentees, FamCamp Rental Fees, Wifi Access, Base Track Stadium Lights, and Medical Facilities

  • Published
  • By Col. Laura Lenderman
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing commander
Last week, I ran the fourth in a series of "Q&A" articles, which are in response to questions asked during my last Commander's Call.

This is the fifth article in the series. I'll be posting the responses to all of the questions on a Sharepoint site for future access and review.

Please keep the questions coming!


Will there be more wing morale events--i.e. fun runs, basketball tournaments?

Absolutely! Since the Fall Festival was such a success, we are planning a Spring Fling for Wingman Day April 28. The 375th Force Support Squadron also holds many fun runs--about one run per month when the weather warms up. Check out their flyers in one of the gyms for more information. We also have First Friday at the Scott Club every month, which is a great way to catch up with all your friends in a relaxed environment with free food.


I'm a 30 year old man living in the dorms. When can I move out?

Single Airmen (E-4 and below) are required to stay in the dormitories until they have reached the rank of E-4 with 3 years' time in service. Unfortunately, age and rank do not always match up. The AFI does allow pregnant members to move out of the dorm at the 20th week of pregnancy with squadron commander approval. Squadron commanders can also approve members who are getting married within 30 days or less to move out of the dorms as well.

Living in the dorm helps most people adjust to a new life on their own. It is a great opportunity to meet other Airmen and begin to build your network. In addition, older or more mature Airmen are often great influences on our younger Airmen who are experiencing their first time living away from home.


How do I deal with a member with a lot of pull in the squadron who discriminates and stops career progression for those he/she dislikes. No one up the chain is doing anything about it.

Discrimination is expressly against Air Force policy and is not congruent with our culture of treating everyone with dignity and respect.

I ask that you please bring your concern to Equal Opportunity or the IG, so that we can address any violation of Air Force policy.


Can the 375th SFS please get some help getting new vehicles ... "help from above!"

The 375th Logistics Readiness Squadron fleet managers work closely with the General Services Administration on replacing vehicles based on the pre-determined vehicle year and mileage. Currently, GSA is scheduled to replace three 375th SFS vehicles this year, one of which is a K-9 vehicle.

The next scheduled replacement is 2018 unless the mileage causes some to be replaced earlier.


Can you talk a little about food transformation?

Food Transformation is an Air Force initiative to improve customers' dining experience on base.

The initiative will improve food quality to a higher industry standard, improve our DFAC's appearance, and drive operating costs down, while exceeding the dining expectation of customers. Moreover, pending the final plan, Airmen on meal cards may be authorized to use their card at other food facilities on base.

Food Transformation also provides a training platform for Services personnel to enhance their culinary skills to meet our Air Force's mission requirements. We're looking forward to Food Transformation coming to Scott AFB in the future.


Can more people get involved with volunteering to check IDs at the gates in the morning?

Our Security Forces team is always looking for personnel who are willing to volunteer to assist checking IDs in the morning.

We require a large number of augmentees at the gates because we are not manned to provide that level of support with our defenders alone. Thank you to all of our wing personnel and our mission partners who have signed up for a dedicated morning each month to augment our Security Forces team. Anyone else who wants to volunteer simply needs to go to the SFS Sharepoint site for available dates and contact information.


For those of us that are stationed here and geographically-separated from our families, have we looked at reducing monthly rental fees at the FamCamp for travel trailer parking?

Thank you for asking about our FamCamp prices. While we aren't looking at lowering prices in the near future, we have many upgrades planned that will make the Scott FamCamp a great location to camp! In addition, we did some research and found that our fees are actually among the lowest in the area and less than many AF bases that are located close to large metropolitan areas. Another bonus is that many sites in the local area close for the winter season, while Scott is open year-round.


Can we get more WiFi on base?

The following 12 locations have access to public WiFi:
· Golf Course
· Lodging
· Scott Club
· Airman and Family
· Readiness Center
· Information Tickets & Travel
· Student Union Cafe
· Education Office
· Child Development Center #1
· Stars & Strikes Bowling Center
· Library
· Arts & Crafts Center
· Resource Management/IT Support

Regarding expansion, Air Mobility Command recently upgraded and changed our main contractor provider to CenturyLink, which has set the stage for more reliability, expanded bandwidth, and the follow-on infrastructure upgrades (E2-Network) to occur in March. Once the infrastructure upgrades are complete in April, additional bandwidth may be available in our established locations. We are also evaluating expanding Wi-Fi access to other locations later this year (e.g. FamCamp, Youth Center).


Can we shade the base track stadium lights so they do not shine into base housing bedrooms at night?

The height of the lights makes it difficult to shade from the housing areas, and unfortunately, we do not have plans to further invest in the current field lighting.
There is a timer that the lights are on so that they shut off automatically after a period of time when the field is not in use. If the timer is not working properly, please let me know, and we'll fix it.


How tall is the clinic?

It is seven stories tall with the top two stories being mechanical spaces. Did you know that the Medical Treatment Facility is also home to our partner medical personnel in the 932nd Airlift Wing and 126th Air Refueling Wing, as well as the Veteran's Affairs Compensation and Pension Clinic?

There is a whole lot going on under those seven stories!