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Q&A pt. IV: Installation Security, Installation and Mission Support Center, 24/7 Access to the James Gym, Lincoln's Landing Pedestrian Gate, Professional Development, NCO Induction Ceremony, C-130 on the Flight Line, Email Transition, Chiropractic Appoin

  • Published
  • By Col. Laura Lenderman
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing commander
Last week, I ran the third in a series of "Q&A" articles, which are in response to questions asked during my last Commander's Call. This is the fourth article in the series. I'll be posting the responses to all of the questions on a Sharepoint site for future access and review. Please keep the questions coming!


Have there been any changes or discussions for base/installation security since the recent active shooter events? Will there be any hands-on training available?

Scott Air Force Base's Threat Working Group constantly monitors, assesses and discusses the safety and security of the entire installation.

Over the past two years, we have added additional protective systems and actions, seeking to make the base more secure. Our 375th Security Forces Squadron has also developed a consolidated base-wide training plan while our wing exercises Active Shooter responses in conjunction with our base partners at least once per year. In addition, our Eagle Eyes program seeks to ensure every person on the installation serves as an event monitor.


Will those squadrons affected by Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center (IMSC) funding still be able to receive wing funding for special interest projects and initiatives?

Yes, squadrons who have changed their funding source to IMSC will still be able to receive funding for unfunded unit mission requirements.

Just like the traditional funding received from Air Mobility Command in the past, the new funding stream from IMSC will still allow the wing some flexibility to address unit requirements that fall below the current funding line.

Two key ways the wing creates funding flexibility involves the timely payment of both the government travel card (GTC) as well as the unit's government purchase card (GPC). The wing receives a rebate from both of these sources based upon the timeliness of payment. These monies, along with other wing "fall-out funding," provide the opportunity to fund otherwise unfunded mission priorities throughout the Wing.


Can James Gym please open 24/7 with CAC access during closed hours? 2) Will the James Gym ever be 24/7 to better help the Airmen in the dorms?

The 375th Mission Support Group took a hard look at ways to allow the James Gym to be open 24-hours. Unfortunately, the facility itself is not designed with access points that permit secured entry with a swipe card.

The good news is the Fitness Center (in the historic district) has a very large assortment of cardio and strength-training equipment and is available 24/7 and is only a short jog from the dorms.

I hope you find it meets your after-hours fitness needs.


Are there plans to install a sidewalk on the Lincoln's Landing side of the pedestrian gate?

The proposed sidewalk at the Lincoln's Landing pedestrian gate is on Hunt property. We have worked with Hunt to place a sidewalk on the property, and they have placed it on their "to-do" list. We agree that the project will add value to those who live in Lincoln's Landing, and we'll continue to work with Hunt to see it through.


Is it possible to develop a local mentorship program to better develop Airmen, particularly those interested in making the military a career?

We have many mentoring opportunities available here at Scott AFB. Are you involved in any of the professional organizations such as the CGOC, First 4, Top 3, etc?
These groups offer many mentoring opportunities. This year, several professional organizations have offered "speed mentoring" with senior leaders across the installation. Additionally, each year, the CGOC sponsors a two-day Leadership Forum where senior leaders share their insights. This year's CGOC leadership conference is scheduled for March 15-16 at the Global Reach Planning Center.

Your direct leadership and chain of command are other excellent sources of mentoring. They can also put you in touch with experts in other career fields if you are considering cross-training or simply adding to your tool kit. Stay tuned to Scott's weekly bulletin for additional local mentoring opportunities. In addition, check out the Air Force's MyVector program (

MyVector is a web-based mentoring network that allows Airmen (officer, enlisted, and civilians) to build successful mentoring relationship and manage their careers with the input and guidance from mentors across the Air Force.

However, if none of these options meet your mentoring goals, feel free to contact me, Chief Mathias or Col. Gregory Green directly. Thank you for your interest in strengthening your future in our Air Force.


Why is there no NCO induction ceremony similar to SNCO?

We do have an NCO induction ceremony; however, it's a daytime event at the Scott Club. The format is different compared to the evening Senior NCO induction ceremony due to the large number of Airmen selected for staff sergeant.

Unfortunately, we do not have a venue big enough to hold a large crowd of NCO inductees and their friends, family and co-workers who normally would attend a dinner event.


How long is that C-130 going to be on the flight line?

The C-130 is our new trainer for the 375th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron.

In the spring, when the ground thaws, the 375th Civil Engineer Squadron will pour a new concrete pad and position the C-130 fuselage near the AES building.

Its wings and engines will be removed, but the fuselage will be electrically hardwired to enable the interior electrical systems to function.

The 375th AES will use it to train without the added expense of TDY costs, which also takes time away from families.

This will be a superb mission enhancement for the squadron and the AE community.


When will the 375th AMW transition to the Defense Enterprise Email (DEE)

There is no plan for the 375th AMW to transfer its email to Defense Enterprise Email (DEE). The wing's email service is provided by 24th AF, and AF Space Command, the higher headquarters for 24th AF, decided not to transfer its email service to DEE. 24th AF is piloting a different email solution created by Microsoft.

Stay tuned for more information on this new cloud-based email solution.


When will the 375th MDG open up chiropractic appointments for dependents with chronic issues?

We unfortunately do not anticipate this happening in the foreseeable future.

The 2001 NDAA directed the DoD to provide chiropractic care to Active Duty members. The 2007 NDAA directed the DoD to study adding dependents and retirees; however, the study was completed, and it was deemed not feasible.


The 375th AMW/CC used to have all wing meetings scheduled on Wednesdays. Is AMW/CC planning to go back to that schedule? It provides better continuity for units.

It has been our goal for the past year to keep as many meetings as possible on Wednesdays.

We recently completed our Wing Strategic Meeting Calendar, which aligns all major meeting with large audiences to a predictable Wednesday battle rhythm.

It has been coordinated with and disseminated to all leadership.

While occasionally we need to reschedule some of our Wing-level meetings due to higher headquarter meetings, we try to minimize the impact as much as possible because your time is valuable.