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Outshine, Outserve, Outperform!

  • Published
  • By Col. Michael Hornitschek
  • 375th Air Mobility Wing Commander
We are only four months away from our Compliance Inspection, and while it may seem far away, it's closer than we think! Already our calendars are full of requirements, but we cannot forget to keep ensuring our work centers are in order for this important evaluation.

As part of our preparation, most of our squadrons have hosted Staff Assistance Visits to ensure our processes are solid and to identify areas that may need more attention. SAVs provide us that critical look to ensure we know and are following the standards that we and others have put in place. We know there are some areas that need work. Having started our assessment and preparation early, I am confident that we will be fully compliant in all areas.

Some of us might be looking at this exercise and inspection season and think "how are we going to 'survive' it" given many of our manning challenges due to a robust PCS season and deployments. Some areas will experience lower than normal manning levels during this time, leaving those behind with an additional workload. The constant turnover of personnel does present challenges, and thus the importance of maintaining the integrity of our programs and processes to ensure we make a seamless transition.
This will be a time when resiliency matters. It will be up to all of us, to put the skills learned from Wingman Day into action so that we can face and endure the extra demand, meet our objectives and continue to demonstrate that we can still outshine, outserve and outperform our competitors!

We're unveiling our new Showcase Pride logo that speaks to the resilient nature and high standards of our wing members. The logo has our new slogan on it: "3-7-5 ... Showcase Pride!" as well as the "Survivor" inspired logo of "Outshine, Outserve and Outperform!"

These elements embolden our mission areas of providing showcase service and support, as well as providing superior air mobility operations for the command and Air Force, and to always be combat ready! This logo was originally designed for the inspection season this summer, but in reality it's a year-round visual reminder of what the great men and women of the 375th are not only capable of, but also what they do every day!

An example of this came just this past week, as we provided a fitting tribute to one of our fallen Airmen. Our Wingmen were there to show the family of Airman 1st Class Zachary Cuddeback what it means to be a member of this Air Force family. We were joined by thousands of community members and together we created an unforgettable and befitting funeral and burial ... every aspect was truly Showcase. It inspires those of us in military service to redouble our efforts to defend the ideals and lives of the citizens we are sworn to protect, knowing that those same people understand the sacrifice their sons and daughters are prepared to and sometimes must make.

For those of us at Scott AFB, we know everyday how truly blessed we are to have such great neighbors and to be a part of the rich community fabric of southwestern Illinois. Standing together, we will continue to "Outshine, Outserve and Outperform!"

In closing, I want to recognize the many examples of our people outperforming on every level. From winning annual awards, to receiving Bronze Stars, to being recognized for exemplary volunteer work, I'm proud of the work you do every day and the way you exceed expectations on a regular basis. Our Showcase Pride logo truly reflects the spirit we have that truly makes this place an enjoyable work and living environment. Thank you for all you do and keep up the great work!