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Preparing for the Combined Unit Inspection

  • Published
  • By Maj. Benji Jackson
  • 375th force support squadron commander
How will we have a successful Combined Unit Inspection? Simple. Be the showcase Airmen that we already are; show the inspection team how we execute our missions in showcase fashion each and every day. The 375th AMW is full of outstanding performers who exude confidence. We do this by taking pride in our sections, squadrons, groups, and the wing. We know our programs and when the inspection team comes, we will show them.

We will show them by being courteous and friendly and knowing not only the answers to the checklist items, but also what the AFI states and why the wing does it in the first-class way we do. What we don't do is guess or assume answers or use vague descriptive terms like "I think," or "we are planning to." We have great programs and the inspectors deserve to be knocked off their feet with confident responses and definitive plans.

A couple of additional thoughts that tie into confident responses and definitive plans are (1) we do not cover up anything and (2) we highlight our strengths and best practices for the inspectors. We've already identified problem areas and have definitive plans to correct them, along with supporting documentation. Remember, the inspection team will have a limited time to interact with us, so rehearse what will be said and how to effectively deliver your showcase message.

Each of us has personal responsibilities. We all must know those cross-functional areas and who in our unit is responsible for them; from OPSEC, COMSEC, Safety, Security Managers, Unit Fitness Program Managers, Unit Training Managers or what to do when confronted with a computer virus. Any of us, at any time, could be questioned about one of these areas and our answers could reflect on the overall program. We might not be the unit subject matter expert; however, we should all know who is.

The 375th AMW's CUI will be successful because of us--the men and women of the 375th AMW. Our willingness to take personal responsibility for our section and proactively help the team perform at showcase level.

Let's all take a look around our work centers. Complete that spring cleaning that we've put off while accomplishing our missions and get our game face ready for the CUI. Replace those old signs, put away those boxes, and clean that set of reference binders.

We are already "SHOWCASE," now it is time to outshine, outperform, and outserve.