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CFC marks 50th anniversary

  • Published
  • By Rich Weathers
  • 2011 Gateway Combined Federal Campaign Leadership Committee Chair
Through your federal employment, you have already demonstrated your commitment to America. The CFC is a great opportunity to further extend your public service by supporting charitable organizations. In the words of President John F. Kennedy, who established the CFC via Presidential Order in 1961, "My fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country." Through the CFC you can make a difference in your community, our country and the world.

The Combined Federal Campaign marks its 50th anniversary with the 2011 campaign. In recognition of 50 years supporting those in need, the theme is "50 Years of Caring." Although simple, it solidly conveys what CFC is all about ... caring.

As we kick off this CFC campaign, we look back with sincere gratitude and we look forward in great anticipation of the caring that will no doubt take place for the next 50 years! Since its inception, federal employees have contributed almost $7 billion to charities through CFC. Your efforts and the efforts of many others in the decades before have made it possible for much needed assistance to reach countless people throughout the United States and overseas.

The Gateway region is a proud, generous and highly efficient CFC region. The 2010 Gateway CFC saw an expansion of our boundaries to include much of eastern Missouri and all of southern Illinois. With more than 37,000 federal, military and postal employees in our region, the 2010 Gateway CFC raised over $3.25 million to help fund over 1,800 nonprofit charities. Thank you for your role in that generosity.

As we look forward to the 2011 campaign and celebration of CFC's 50th anniversary, I'm extremely honored and excited to be the chair of the Gateway CFC Leadership Committee! I'm also fortunate to have a team of dedicated government professionals. They represent agencies across the Gateway region, voluntarily giving of their time, working with me to make this another successful year for the Gateway CFC.
The challenges of our economy have dictated the need for charities to double their efforts to meet the growing demands for assistance. Our contributions through the Gateway CFC will no doubt play an important role, assisting charities in meeting those needs. The needs come in many forms, from giving nurse check-ups to a home-bound neighbor; supplying hospitals in poor communities with reusable instruments for dressing wounds; distributing food to hungry people; purifying water to give people clean water to drink; enabling an elderly neighbor to receive meals or medical care, and much more.

Please take a moment to review our resource guide, listing the charitable organizations to which you can donate. Please know that your contributions have made and will continue to make a difference in someone's life.

If you were one of the many thousands of donors who contributed through the Gateway CFC over the years, I thank you for your caring and generous support. If you are not part of that special group, I invite you to join us and help continue this proud tradition of improving conditions in the world around all of us. I am encouraging all Gateway CFC donors to consider making a $50 increase over their last year's contribution. The first 3,000 contributors to do so can choose to receive a lapel pin to wear proudly.

On behalf of the thousands who have benefited from your caring over the past 50 years, I want to say thank you! For those who will be helped over the next 50 years, starting with the 2011 campaign, I want to say thank you in advance!

Weathers is the Director of Plans and Programs, Air Force Network Integration Center